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Secret agents at an English language study program in US: When prostitution is used as a criminal tool -inside and outside the country-. From prostitutes to the so-called “widow army” mentioned below.

From an American teenager -as a prostitute- to the wife of an American diplomat.
From NATO to UN.
From CIA to the French secret service.
From Computer Hacking to Bioterrorism

This text was vandalized at May 7, 2009. (PC was not connected to internet.)
--under revision and restoration-

What purpose did KCIA spies serve at the English language study program organized in California –US-?

Why did those secret agents, who surreptitiously followed me since my departure from Seoul, suddenly reveal their true identity in US?

What are those secret agents doing now?

[It is just an example explaining their highly sophisticated criminality, the same one they showed when they branded me a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist and a pro-American extreme rightist according to their necessities. When they attempted to murder me as an extreme rightist, they used Chinese agents -bioterrorists. When they called me a pro-Kim Il-Sung anti-American communist, they also tried to use NATO and US armed forces at Mons NATO military base. They often refer to the four major powers’ diplomacy. That makes me wonder about the nature of their own burnt offering diplomacy - so called “pragmatic diplomacy”, the diplomacy toward four major powers (China, Japan, Russia and US)-.]Ban Ki-moon in call for respect for human rights.  2007-12-11 10:03:58 By Rose Mwalongo. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to ensure that the International Conventional on Human Rights is part and parcel of everyone`s daily lives.

What intentions were there behind the transnational existence of espionage operators who even mobilized a young American teenager as a prostitute, someone whom they had put to work in Berkeley, California?

Was it to protect overseas fellow citizens?

The aforementioned situation clearly confirms that they may carry out clandestine works very close to the target, even in foreign countries. It was just the beginning of their criminal procedures against me while I was abroad.

[It is not difficult to understand that the activities of Ban Ki-Moon and his diplomats’ criminal networks are stronger in United States of America, compared to the maneuvers of those in Europe who terrorize freely their fellow citizens and commit all sort of inhuman criminal acts, such as germ terrorism and clandestine use of narcotics. It is important to remember that Jeon had tried to exert all his influence in order to make me go to certain countries –-Australia and Canada instead of US--, and to specific regions that they preferred inside US.

Furthermore, they were using dangerous personages, such as Korean vice-minister level Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa who indirectly informed me that he would migrate to the US. Ambassador Choi also served in US, Norway and India as a diplomat, before holding a position in Brussels. I do not know for what reason did he tell me -through terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang- that he was planning to emigrate to US, information he only released after their sophisticated –failed- criminal attempt of abduction at the end of 1999, even with the participation of Korea FDA agents-.

Evidently, those who threatened me pretending to be related to CIA and Interpol did not want me to move to US. Agent Sturgeon was frightened]

Club, Cult, Criminals

All this happened after they had tried to lure me into Japan by using the so-called “student club”. Their student club was located in a big Japanese-style house, near University, and the floors were covered with Japanese floor mats –tatami (traditional Japanese floor coverings). They arrogantly told me that their cult had also a strong base in foreign countries. Actually, it was not a student club.

It was a camouflaged intelligence post.

[When I went to the opposition party (Hannara Grand National Party) asking their help to stop the criminal terrorist procedures orchestrated by President Kim Dae-Jung, it was quite interesting to see members of the said cult at the gate of the opposition political party’s building near the national assembly. Their activity was visible and boisterous. Since that day, I have not encountered that cult again, which I always remember as a room filled with operators, inside a Japanese style house near the university.

They were intentionally wasting my time. At the end, a member of the party’s administration rejected me with a ridiculous excuse: he pretended not to know the spelling of the word “politics”. Therefore, he could not find my website. I had to make a real effort in order to understand what he would like me to do. At the time, they kindly offered me a cup of green tea. Then, they turned down my request of help by telephone.

Quite disturbing indeed, for the opposition party was critical of President Kim’s political activities.]

It was a place for clandestine intelligence activities under the strange cover of a cult. At the so-called “student’s club”, the person who was in charge was connected to those who lured me into their nest. It was a well-prepared attempt to entice me and make me go to Japan. But their plan failed.

[When I came back from Atlanta to Seoul, they tried to attract me to Japan and China. I located some of the terrorist diplomats who were making death threats and were linked to inhuman criminal activities –- Cho Jung-Pyo and Oh Young-Hwan were at Korean embassy and consulate in Japan-. From the “student’s club” cult members to diplomats Cho Jung-Pyo and Oh Young-Hwan, their presence was ubiquitous and global. As I described it before, there was no safe place. When diplomats tried to murder me, they were branding me a pro-Japanese, pro-American extreme rightist.

Why did Mr. Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats try to entice me to Japan and China while they were marking me as an anti-communist pro-Japanese, pro-American extreme rightist?]

The agent in question was one of those near me at the beginning of my university stay, contributing to the pro-American approach -–he treated me as a pro-American--.

[Interestingly enough, the agent “Dandruff” in question tried to kill me at a restaurant that served Chinese dishes. They loved carrying out sly tactics inside Chinese restaurants. And they continued this kind of tactics in foreign country.]

Once I was at a restaurant with a person who turned to be an agent. This operator even knew the restaurants’ clientele. One of the customers was the ambassador of a certain country. It was not surprising that they knew my scheduled itineraries.

Why did they try to harm me at the same time they branded me a pro-American? Publicly, they were at that time pretending that they were pro-American.

One of them told me about the existence of an area of prostitution and tried to lure me into the place, which definitely was one of their traps. He was also linked to the cult. There were others who functioned as well like members of that strange group. Later, one of those who were in disguise did not hesitate to reveal his links with the cult. [While some of those belonging to the association –cult members- used different women in order to approach me, they were also trying to use prostitutes –sex workers]

Some of them posed as being fluent in English, Christian and pro-American, and they eventually managed to lure me into a particularly odd intelligence spot, disguised as a queer cult center of activities. Agent Dandruff --the one who tried to murder me-- said that he would become an evangelist. When I heard from agent Kyu that he was trying to become an entertainer (KBS TV talent), it brought back to my mind agent Dandruff’s memories.

They skillfully moved me from one place to another by enticement, deception and manipulation. [All this worked as an invisible conduit.] All I could do was very simple -remember what they were doing-.

One particular summer day, a very familiar face showed up on my way while I was walking through the main road of the campus; he made some noises about the government’s undemocratic and violent behavior, and then moved away from me without even a minute to say hello. He was one of those aiming to destruct me, via stigmatizing me as a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. There were many more people like this, including young girls. This was the cold war. It was better for them to mark me as an anti-American leftist in order to knock me down. That’s why I remember his face so well. He is currently a medical doctor.

One of agent Dandruff’s collaborators dared to introduce himself to me while I was in US –just to do harm-. It was a reimplementation of the criminal network that was operating in Seoul. Of course, they added new agents to it. At that time, I was secretly intoxicated by unknown psychotropic substances. On the day I was attacked, the insidious spy’s family participated. They had a young baby. To understand this, it is good to have in mind the whole picture of Kim Jong-Gil, his wife and young children at the place where those four adult agents from Germany had come for President Kim Dae-Jung’s grand political and theatrical performance; this was intended for the abduction of a victim of state crimes.

[I should remark the existence of a professor that was member of the religious cult. He approached to me as a Korean-American professor who was fluent in English. Another agent told me that this professor had some important role inside the group. He preferred to speak English instead of Korean -among Koreans- in spite that he was fluent in the local language because of his ethnic Korean roots. His approach was very cautious, well camouflaged and coordinated with those who later moved to US. All this happened while I was branded a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. Fellow agents tried to describe him as an American who would go back to US, had his family in US and was active member of the cult. --Long after, I found out that many thugs had emigrated to US, where they had prepared their nest and papers.-- He was not a unique or distinctive agent.

This person pretended not to get along well with the others, even though he was actually in perfect coordination with them –-Patriot II. He pretended to be isolated, tried hard not to show his relationship with the rest, which proved to be a hi-grade masquerade. His fluent English and his papers –-US citizenship as they said—could not hide what he really was.]

After certain time, they changed their modus operandi.

The Beginning of the New Approach

The organization started their attack trying to brand me a communist. Did they change their objectives?

By then, they had tried to kill me on several occasions. Once they failed, but hurt me seriously. I told nobody, but through their actions it was evident they knew that I had resulted with serious wounds –- when they failed in their deeds, they smiled.

I was not aware of the presence of Patriot II, but he was there all the time, near me. Soon after, Patriot II became a politician.

[Here it becomes very important to mention that I was once infected by germs. Surprisingly, one of the agents knew it and headed off the possibility that I could have taken the medicine --in a very intelligent manner. She was also linked to those operators who were able to prevent and cure the infection. This will be dealt with in a separate file.

At the time, not only did they prevent me from taking my medicines, but they also restricted my proper nutrients.

She -agent Rdna- recommended me to eat dry fruits as a meal. What she was actually advising me to swallow contained very little protein. At the same time, during the intoxication period with psychotropic substances, I had seriously lost my appetite and was eating very little. She still wanted more subjugation than that.

One day I found contaminated mineral water bottles in my apartment. I reacted in a cautious way, but couldn't escape from those psychotropic drugs. Those people came to my apartment in order to use those illicit substances against me. After their “criminal actions” I became heavily intoxicated with their psychotropic doses. Their destructive effects mean nothing less than infectious germs.

Those two kinds of advice –manipulation— had detrimental consequences for the affected person. How did they know that I was infected –- even I had no idea of that?

Both advisors were well-educated women, PhD students in science (both Korean nationals, California, US).

During that period, one of them advised me to be cautious with a Caucasian female university student, and the other one chose to utter anti-Semitic words in front of me. What was their hidden agenda?

This person, Rdna, who tried to deprive me of a proper nutrition, kept on saying that Jews who eat fetid goat cheese are smelly.

It was a vocabulary well-designed by a man. Next to her, there was a scientist graduated from the Weissman Institute in Israel. He was ethnically a Korean, but his nationality was unknown. As for her, she was not talkative at all. When she finished her PhD degree (she told me her field was molecular biology), she contacted me in Seoul. She became very angry when I rejected her proposal. She had hoped to get one more chance to harm me. She might have felt frustrated, and I did not hear from her again.

(A thug who was linked to a fake victim of state violence and oppression in Belgium confirmed to me that he was working together with Rdna. By that time I happened to be in Southern Belgium. He was in fact related to the secret agent who pretended to be a victim of Park Chung-Hee regime (1961-1979).

President Park Chung-Hee’s name was often used by those operators. Such operators were also among the recruits working for foreign minister Ban Ki-Moon under president Roh Moo-Hyun, using the same sort of tactics. Why? Their reasons were not apparent. Even the name of Park Chung-Hee’s daughter –-Park Geun-Hye-- was not an exception. Which was their objective?

In those times I became intoxicated with unknown psychotropic substances. I had a telephone conversation some years later, long after their intelligent criminal acts at California. As usual, one of them was talking to me in a very friendly tone. Her whole family was a very well organized nest. She was, in fact, an important part of their criminal conduits. Their presence and influence was omnipresent, they were very ubiquitous and might even use their babies as tools of masquerade.

Agent Surgeon, who was well connected to thugs and diplomats, enticed me to Luxemburg and tried to use prostitutes against me. But he did not succeed. He afterwards pronounced those tricky words “incurable disease”, and then smiled. Soon after, agent Surgeon did his best in order to bring me to medical professor Suh, who was later found to be connected with bioterrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang. But I refused his proposal. All this helped me to understand agent Surgeon’s behavior and role.)

Who was administering me those germs? Who was subjecting me to such a harmful intoxication with psychotropic substances?

I remember his kind face. He never raised his voice in front of me, but was whispering calmly without showing emotion, always smiling peacefully along several years —an extremely composed and well-trained agent—. I named him Orange, a perfect spy who did destroy me. He knew how to handle himself and move around his target —very subtle and dangerous—. He moved afterwards to US. He and his family played their cruel game in order to terminate me, always showing friendly faces.

But they failed in one of their sophisticated attempts at that time. It showed me how they were working in the Los Angeles area. It happened just before their illicit use of heavy psychotropic drugs against me]

As Pro-American.

The pro American/anti American approach was also carried out, simultaneously, by several other pawns. Later on agent Pullman moved to US with some fellow agents –a university professor and a few researchers now in US- .

Even though, it was quite often that one of them proudly showed off mentioning his pretended acquaintance with a well-known American -– the one they got in a position to be known was Underwood, who was at that time described as somebody living near the University Yonsei -– in Seoul in Korea. Agent Pullman was an individual who camouflaged his relationship with leaders and co-workers by expressing certain discontent with his boss’ irregularities. Interestingly enough, he made reference to someone else -- an unknown American. Why? [As I write this, I remembered the wife of the American diplomat who was assigned to the US Embassy in Brussels (Belgium).]

Agent Pullman often spoke about the death of a prominent nuclear scientist –an ethnic Korean who worked in US— and the systematic Korean press censorship that I was not aware of at that time. He helped me to understand the US educational system and told me a whole lot about airplanes security – a subject I was not interested in and had never heard of until then-. [It was also Agent Sturgeon who repeatedly talked about a prominent nuclear scientist who had died in US. When I inquired him, after his return from Oregon (US), he changed his attitude and tried to avoid my questions. He often mentioned the name of the city: “Portland”.]

He also talked about organized murder and systematic cover-up. It was threatening.

[What was his intention? I even had a telephone conversation with him in US. He frequently referred to his pretended discontent —just like military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong- with his boss’ corrupt acts, so as to better disguise his links with that person.]

Interestingly, he tried to spread repulsive feelings against a Caucasian American female — so as to influence me.

[I was amazed to find out there were female students who were fond of the same tactics. They told me that Caucasian women, university students, would cuddle up and commit extortion through their acts. But it’s remarkable to see several agents married to Caucasian females. And certainly some of them married Caucasian men. Why? Look Danish Patriot!

While agent Rdna was drawing my attention to a Chinese female student -it was in US-.

One of the reasons they needed to tell such stories was their plan to attach to me their female spy in order to manipulate and destroy me. Those who were introduced to me by KCIA -such as a nurse who was prepared by KCIA’s agent Park- were very dangerous persons, same as agent “Black Widow”. They were also trying to isolate me from local people.]

Why did he select Caucasian American women? What was his objective?

[Beside Caucasian females, they were trying to manipulate my feelings against Jews and Latin Americans. Why did they need such mind control? My point is that they were handling a repeated justification of the NAZI cause, the Holocaust.

He had to instill NAZI ideas in his target. Surprisingly, here was agent Sturgeon also trying to use this sort of technique, the same that had been used by many operators since my university student period.

(by denying the scale –Holocaust denial-, by saying there were no gas chambers in the concentration camps - the negation of the Holocaust)

I could read his mean intentions as soon as he started that kind of play upon words. In order to stop it, I had to talk about the gold extracted from the victims –coins, jewels, teeth-. He then showed his extensive knowledge about Judaism.

A common element of this subtle instigation is that the Holocaust was caused by Jewish economic exploitation. It usually started with this affirmation: “the Jew is rich” -just like agent Sturgeon did-.

Besides those attempts, there were also two events which I must record in this file.

The first case is the person who shared Hitler’s vision for Europe. He interpreted it as a European integration specifically designed in order to prevent any other possible European war -like Hitler’s European occupation to build NAZI empire-. It was in the early 90's. Later on, I received a telephone call from his personnel, cutting all links and giving me no chance at all to see him again. He was one of those who had such a strict point of view. I really wonder what he thinks about the victims of the NAZI politicians of terror, the NAZI judiciary, the NAZI military apparatus, those who collaborated in religion and medicine in the midst of NAZI terrorist activities —Deportation, Extermination, Enslavement, Torture, — deliberately organized under Adolph Hitler’s command.

It is important to remember that the defendants in the Nuremberg Trials stated that they were “only following orders” (“Befehl ist Befehl”) and insisted that they were not responsible for their crimes (crimes against humanity).

Just like the case of UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, the Holocaust bishop —whose position regarding the Shoah— is shown right in front of our eyes, even in the 21st century. Kristallnacht served as a prelude to the Holocaust (Ha Shoah/ Churben).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed that Holocaust-denying words are shocking and unacceptable. German chancellor Angela Merkel said, “The Vatican should clarify unambiguously that there can be no denial”. Already, in March 1998, The Vatican issued the statement, “We remember: a reflection on the Shoah”. The Vatican Statement was issued under Pope John Paul II. (Just as I’m finishing this part, one of my personal computers becomes unusable and I find the expulsion of the contents of someone’s stomach –vomit- in front of the door. Feb. 08, 2009).

The second case is the young man who was proud of his membership in an armed extreme rightist group. He was motivated. He said his group was well-armed. He was proud to be xenophobic.

(Besides those, I experienced several other attacks that will reside in my memory.) They were ubiquitous.]

Such primitive manipulations were also carried out in California. I still remember one of them –carried out by somebody whose original major had been chemistry education-.

Before my departure to US, I had to keep on looking out for any of those agents in order to avoid their menacing presence in front of me. If I got near to them, they could turn into their real roles, revealing themselves as Ban Ki-Moon’s and Han Seung-Soo’s tentacles. That’s simply their dormant status. That is why I had to avoid Los Angeles, New York and certain other cities. Some of KCIA agents and diplomats had migrated to New York - Some other agents kindly informed me about Ambassador Choi’s planned emigration to Houston, Texas. I do not know the reason why they let me know their intentions to move. Indeed, Ban Ki-Moon and Han Seung-Soo were already in New York. That city must have been at a period of time more dangerous for me than Brussels itself. Now, readers may know why I went to Atlanta. [Even though I had to be careful in Atlanta too – as you may surmise. I knew that they were near because Jeon and Danish Patriot had already threatened me. And they do not usually work alone. Therefore, I knew that Atlanta could be a dangerous place.]

[I met Officer Bae Yang-Hong at the church -Sablon-. It is important to note that military officer Bae used the same tactics –agent Milano repeatedly and intentionally said that Bae was an officer of the Defense Security Command, which is military intelligence-. But later on he changed his mode of operation – first it was in the direction of being pro-American, then it turned into being anti-American communist-.

When he tried to approach me in the direction of being pro-American, he complained about his inadequate military salary and his delayed promotion, and then tried to lure me into the trap of diamond smuggling. That was an unexpected behavior from a professional military officer – but it was his method. He revealed his difficult living conditions and demonstrated his capabilities.

It was very strange; he had to reveal such details to those who could help him in that particular situation – poor living, a delayed promotion and a possible discharge from the army due to an unjust delay in his merits recognition. He had to make such a complaint to his superior – to a general who had once purchased a large diamond, and who was mentioned by military intelligence officer Bae. Why did he conduct himself in such a way during his pro-American approach toward his target? He behaved unprofessionally, but that was indeed the crafty essence of his task.

Suddenly, he was doing his best in order to provoke me, openly branding me a communist, right to my face and in front of listening Koreans.

It was at that point that he showed me the badge for his new status - a rise in his military rank-. Bluntly, he attacked me as a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist, and together with the rest kept laughing at me. It happened at his home – and reminded me of a similar attitude of agent Jin in front of local Belgians.

It was then that the agent assigned to the military attaché lured me into the NATO military base (SHAPE, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe). The agent called them prostitutes - those whom I met at the NATO base. Then, why was he there providing them some kind of help? Is there any possible explanation? The agent had intentionally said that one of them was different, and that certainly covered up his objective. They were GIs' wives. She –a different one- was a US military officer’s wife at the NATO military base.

He specified that one of them was different -–she was a wife of a US military officer. Why did he target her? What might he have told her about me?

After having failed in their attempt at the NATO military base, they secretly drugged me with narcotics.

Then, why was he after me, accusing me of being an anti-American communist- together with the rest – while at the same time he was calling them prostitutes? [The hidden meaning of prostitution is very different from the harlotry -the practice of engaging in sexual activities for money- they showed me in Luxemburg.]

It is also easy to observe the foxy scheme they were playing through the agents –thugs and diplomats- under vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon. Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs used two positions – pro-American, pro-Japanese extreme rightist and anti-American, anti-Japanese leftist.

For a long time I could not avoid their proximity, could not stay clear from their activity around me. I was surrounded by multi-layered intelligence networks.

The difference was that they clearly marked me as an extreme rightist as soon as they failed in their initial effort to kidnap and murder me as a communist – at the time of the Kim Jong-Il and Kim Dae-Jung summit at Pyongyang -.

After they had clearly branded me an extreme rightist, their obnoxious attempts of kidnapping and murdering me continued until my departure to US – right after the germ terrorism they performed in Brussels.

Vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon is currently the UN Secretary General.

It was a hidden side of the sunshine policy in which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon participated.]

Young but Mature

Those felons and henchmen whispered repeatedly “a few dollars a night… young but mature …” They were determined. During several days, they repeated their sinister attempts. It was a lengthy enticement to pull me into their trap by using a prostitute, a young American teenage girl employed as such at a campus of the University of California, the kind of prostitution that is connected with human trafficking and sexual slavery.

[I was young, but not naïve enough not to have noticed strange movement and danger around me, making me wonder about the intentions and implications of this kind of theater prepared for me on US soil. Curiously, they were planning to demolish me on US soil. And that was not their last attempt.]

Those agents told me that the female teenager –as a prostitute- was available for a few dollars. Later on, I learnt that they are capable of murdering, drugging with narcotics, or infecting anybody with germs, just for money.

It happened inside the Berkeley campus of the University of California near San Francisco.

Young and mature disposable prostitute!

How did those criminals recruit that teenager as a prostitute?

Was she hired as a prostitute or was she first recruited and then educated as a prostitute?

[Afterwards I found out that they have a well-trained person to do this kind of job. The lady they offered me, who was in collaboration with diplomats and Jeon at the church, was not an amateur. The lady was a professional. She marched like military personnel do.]

They showed no consideration at all in their use of psychotropic drugs – for various purposes, such as torture or manipulation, including narcotics and germs in support of their criminal objectives. They were also exerting psychological intimidation by means of video files where their victim had been filmed having illicit sex – like the case of a University professor’s wife. They did not mind using money to buy consciences and cover-up their crimes. [Once, Jeon and Ambassador Choi’s diplomats proposed me a job in church –as a Sport Journalist of one of the major Korean newspaper-. I rejected it immediately.] Oddly, they even tried to manipulate me under the guise of entering a religious group. They knew very well how to use cults in order to fool their victims.

Many tools are available for that sake –from spiritual to scary sessions – and they used them all, aiming to obtain full control of their target.

[Their evil designs for crime had been meticulously prepared in advance, for each scenery and occasion. They preferred to use a university campus as a stage for their criminal play – not only in Korea but also in US and European Union (EU). In Brussels, Joshua chose university campuses for his activities, and a Chinese agent (a MBA student, VUB) who was linked to KCIA agent Kim Jong-Gil, also participated in the intelligence net inside the campus. At first, this Chinese agent coming from the People’s Republic of China approached me in church with the help of some henchmen –agent Kim Jong-Gil- and diplomats.]

Why an American teen prostitute?

Why did those secret operators –those criminals- prefer to use a teenager as a prostitute in US? They had plenty of opportunities in Korea – even though they failed. Why did they prefer to employ a young American teenager girl? Why not a female adult prostitute?

[Sometimes I remember the secret agent who beat me with a stick. I was bruised very severely –a large part of my skin turned black and purple. His face exhibited no emotional expression of sadness. I still remember his facial looks. He used to make that same face whenever he accomplished something. It was a well-calculated and cold violence. Subsequently –several years later- he himself revealed his identity as an undercover agent. It was not that he was forgetting that I was present, witnessing. This guy intentionally revealed his identity to me. I learned that he was merely another piece on the chessboard, someone else working inside the network. After that violence, I suffered continual attacks from other malicious agents. At this time, without any hesitation, they were trying to use a female harlot -under the same tactics-.]

It was a well-camouflaged operation aiming to destroy a fellow citizen, somebody whom they were supposed to be protecting – terminate the victim in an unfamiliar environment-. In fact, I had no one who could help me in US.

[Since my return to Seoul from Atlanta, USA, which was under the activities of Consul Cho Jung-Pyo, I had to deal with countless traps that employed women –including a large number of teenagers and foreign women of various origins- , all orchestrated by their master on site in most cases. At times, they were all blond, looked very young and skinny. The age of those women had no limits at all, in the same way that they use all sort of unimaginable horrible tactics.

There are various ingenious pitfalls –and traps- that those agents use to prepare. If their targets accept the proposal without caution, like if it were a candy, a soft drink or a cup of coffee -tainted by psychotropic substances, stimulants or narcotics specially provided by female agents-, it is probable that they are taken in by those malicious and evil designs –due to their increased susceptibility-, and it becomes very possible that they end themselves utterly destroyed.

  Ban Ki-Moon (vice minister of foreign affaires and trade) and Han Seung-Soo (minister of foreign affaires and trade). Two main actors for president Kim Dae-Jung’s sunshine and burnt offering policy.

These tactics were even employed inside of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and in police stations. Ban Ki-Moon was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

When I asked for an end to the political terror activities, they confined me inside a room in a corner of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade. At that time, they proposed me to meet Minister Ban Ki-moon. Meanwhile, they also tried to drug me with psychotropic drugs. If I had met Minister Ban under the influence of those drugs, I would have been demolished by his criminal evil designs. I narrowly escaped – I figured it out.

Later on, Ban’s thugs put me inside the police patrol division, where once again they did their best in order to intoxicate me with psychotropic drugs, this time using a woman for that purpose.

For someone having experienced psychotropic drugs used for torture, and having understood their pharmaceutical properties, it becomes easier to fully grasp the nature of the crime prepared by Minister Ban. It clearly demonstrates the evil nature of Ban Ki-Moon and his right hand men in public service, and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – destroying a powerless fellow citizen for their own good. It is important to note that they also attempted a different type of malicious plan inside the Korean Embassy in Brussels.

The National Unification Advisory Council President Roh Moo-Hyun (South Korean National Unification Advisory Council)

In front of the Presidential Palace -the Blue House was occupied by ex-human rights lawyer and President Roh Moo-Hyun-, who tried to provoke violence by humiliating me in a dirty manner in front of very young police women – this was another method, instead of using psychotropic drugs, in order to increase my susceptibility to humiliation.

Very carefully have I observed and experienced what they are doing with psychotropic drugs. I had already watched several policemen drugged by their own psychotropic substances, right in front of me. The policemen tried to drug me with soft drinks. They went on consuming those beverages and coffees, just to show me that the drinks were safe.

In certain cases, they showed signs of being intoxicated with psychotropic drugs, exhibiting pain and violence.

At Sam Chung Police Box next to the presidential palace, I observed a police officer who was intoxicated by a soft drink that had been contaminated with psychotropic drugs. He went on consuming the beverage, just to show it was safe to do so. He made me know about his painful situation, which he was enduring with much difficulty. He said to me “Do not come back”.

The president was Roh Moo-Hyun. It happened near the presidential palace. He was the first policeman I have observed intoxicated by his own psychotropic drugs.-. But he was not the only one.

One of his fellow policemen told me: “Intelligence agencies of other countries are worse”.

At the Kwang Hwa Moon patrol division, one of the policemen, under the influence of those drugs, used force against me. Due to the psychotropic substances already inside his system, he had become irrational, aggressive and very violent. This doped policeman pinched me like a girl, twisted my arms with violence, and bruised them. He was temporally unstable under the influence of drugs. Now I realize that the chemicals used by another torturer -the dentist who had already tried germs in order to intimidate me- had to be the same kind of psychotropic substances. Coming back to the intoxicated policeman, a fellow agent rapidly drove him away in the police car. This same policeman who took his intoxicated mate away from me was often seen in this kind of criminal attempts.

President Kim Dae-Jung’s henchmen used the same kind of psychotropic drugs in the dental care center already mentioned. And the nurse belonged to the same basket.

They even tortured me physically near the US embassy, at the heart of Seoul. The torturers were Policemen. It was an intentional display of their untouchable power.

Sometimes –after the consumption of the coffee with psychotropic drugs added [The person who served the coffee was a woman in police uniform]- they disappeared, just to prevent any exposure of their criminal activities, and to hide the symptoms of their own intoxication. They became more cunning.

Policemen employed the same tricks when they confined me at the police station, after I was physically attacked in front of the presidential palace. The attacker destroyed one of my cameras so as to destroy any evidence of their evil actions that day. And a young policeman erased some of the photos in order to hide that there had been numerous participants. Later, they delivered threats of arson when I tried to obtain legal help from the catholic church’s human rights protection center.

At one time, agent Sturgeon told me that people can do whatever is necessary to win the war. By saying that, he was meaning to justify the inhuman ways in which they obtained the profits. Until today, they are continuing the war against a citizen –without declaration-.

It was a well-prepared evil plan designed to cover up UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s crimes and terrorist acts.

Obviously, their felonies were intended to hinder the survival of their terrorist victims and cover up their previous crimes.

Bioterrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang and his responsible superior minister-counsellor Park In-Kook (Brussels, Belgium)

I experienced high degree of pressure from Korean agents who pretended to be working for CIA and other European intelligence agencies in Brussels. Interestingly, in Seoul, a policeman confined me inside a police car near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and tried to talk about the “British Intelligence Service” and “MI5”. I do not know why he chose to utter those words “British Intelligence and MI5” in front of me. It reminded me of the terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang using the word “Interpol” to buttress his threats.

At that time, I refused to convert to President Kim’s political ideas. President Kim and his collaborators had secretly contributed a large sum of money and luxuries to Kim Jong-Il, who was a peculiar communist. It was in that period that President Kim received a Nobel peace prize.

Afterwards, Kim Jong-Il proceeded with his nuclear bomb test, and recently he has been raising stakes with missile threats. After the first launch of Taepodong, agent Sturgeon made a statement regarding the capability and possibilities of Taepodong as ICBM, and the origins of the foreign engineers* who had contributed to its development. Later, president Kim Dae-Jung and those around him secretly delivered a large amount of cash to Kim Jong-Il, who was following Kim Il-Sung’s hereditary communist dictatorship and his cult of personality. Ban Ki=Moon was President Kim’s vice-minister of foreign affaires and trade during that period of darkness.

(April. 19, 2009, It was possible to find the same information that was delivered after the launch of first Taepodong missile (1998). At that moment, agent Sturgeon did not specify the number of scientists and their naturalization as Koreans. Several times, agent Sturgeon mentioned them as foreign engineers from ex USSR countries, Russians, all paid in dollars.)

Is it too late to prevent the ultimate catastrophe?

When I was young, it was from time to time that I had to worry about my country’s security. The situation got worse when Kim Il-Sung -Kim Jung-Il raised the tension over the Korean peninsula. And the influence of this kind of military pressure is not limited just to Korea. In those times, it was limited to the information delivered by traditional media –including words from disguised KCIA agents-. During the presidency of Park Chung-Hee (Dec. 17, 1963 – Oct. 26, 1979), it was possible to experience the trouble and fears created by those activities at Seoul.

One of the surprising news was the provision of aged Russian submarines to Kim Jong-Il. The Kim Il-Sung regime often used submarines in its activities against civilians and state institutions –infiltration of spies and terrorists –. But the delivery of those submarines meant more than that.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Through the launching of Taepodong in August 1998, Kim Jong-Il made known his capability of lunching missile of significant range (Taepodong-1).

Taepodong-2 was tested on July 4, 2006. It was a failure.

Later on he performed his first test of a nuclear weapon, which he added to the weight of his military pressure (Oct. 9, 2006).

On April 5, 2009 Kim Jong-Il tested the Taepodong again.

While I was in the process of writing down my questions about the mysterious submarines delivery, and about the origin of submarine missile technology, Kim Jong-Il took the world by surprise showing his nuclear capability through the second underground test of nuclear bomb.

On May 25, 2009, Kim Jong-Il did conduct a second nuclear test, and confirmed he had produced another successful underground nuclear test.

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) that was one of the launching pads of Kim Dae-Jung’s Burnt Offering and Sunshine Policy that had been announced on May 26, in the sense that South Korea had finally joined up to the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI).

Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon worked as minister and vice-Minster of MOFAT to implement President Kim Dae-Jung’s Burnt Offering and Sunshine Policy.

Cost of Doing Business

While Kim Jong-Il developed his nuclear bombs and Taepodong missiles, huge numbers of oppressed Koreans were starving to death. Huge numbers of political prisoners have been imprisoned in numerous prison camps.

These two instruments of terrorism were used to consolidate his hereditary dictatorship.

Russian Submarines

After the inauguration of President Kim Dae-Jung (15th President, Feb. 25, 1998 – Feb. 25, 2003), I found a strange article about the aged Russian submarines that had been delivered to Kim Jong-Il. Those U boats were meant to be turned into scrap iron. This article made me worry.

Afterwards, I met an arms merchant who could sell whatever was needed (1999). We had a conversation referred to various subjects, including Missile Defense Shield (Strategic/ Theater).

He knew it all about the secret Korean missile development program. The information that he gave me turned out to be true, and was later confirmed by the Korean major newspapers, after many years. But in those days diplomat Jung -KCIA agent- said that the arms merchant was a mad -psychologically unstable- man. (It is necessary to remember that they also branded a Belgian couple as sexually disoriented. Many years later, I show one of them had a job with Koreans. Agent Onion -one of KCIA (NIS) agents- was disguised as psychologically unstable man and a victim of political oppression. It is surprisingly comfortable cover and disguise.)

The arms merchant who was classified as a madman also knew about this incredible dealing of Russian submarines.

Nuclear proliferation was cloaked in secrecy but …

A Pakistani nuclear scientist confessed his role in a clandestine international network for acquiring nuclear technology –from Pakistan to Middle East, Kim Jong-Il- Kahn is in fact one of the worst proliferators of nuclear weapons technology. The subsequent geopolitical development of nuclear weapon technology smuggling is worrisome. Dr. AQ Khan provided gas centrifuge machines –parts and complete- and their designs –possibly with Uranium hexafluoride (UF6) - to Kim Jong-Il (Gas centrifuge Uranium enrichment process).

Later, Khan accused President Pervez Musharraf of proliferating nuclear arms.

Kim Jong-Il had indeed an active supplier of nuclear technology.

Preparing for New ICBM Test

While I am writing this short question, I have to read an article of UPI “N. Korea seen preparing for new ICBM test”. The review is about a modified version of Taepodong-2 missile. (May 30, 2009, UPI)

Who helps Kim Jong-Il to get nuclear missile subs?

What is Taepodong (Daepodong)?

The first stage of Taepodong-2 is a Musudan-1 based on Soviet Union’s R-27 Zyb.

The R-27 Zyb was a submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM), also named as SS-N-6 Serb (by NATO).

Musudan uses MAZ-543 and modified Romeo or Golf class submarines –that’s quite interesting-. The usability of submarine- or ship-launching platforms for this kind of missile could create more dangerous levels of threat, which call for more sophisticated counter measures. Kim Il-Sung imported 12 Foxtrot and Golf-2 submarines (1993). Golf II had a known armament of R-21 missiles. [R-21, SS-N-5: Warhead – single nuclear]

Daily NK reported “it seems that the appropriate parts were acquired from these submarines for the missile”.

A vision of the deployment of missiles which could be launched from submarines or cargo-ships with nuclear warhead would be the most threatening, and its proliferation would create a new dimension of geopolitical instabilities, which we are already starting to see.

09.05.20 - 09.06.01

[While I was writing about this proliferation of missile and nuclear weapon technology, I had to think about the history of V1 V2, forced labor, concentration camps (Buchenwald, Dora), holocaust, World War II, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the policy of appeasement.]

On April 05, 2009, Kim Jong-Il again launched a Taepodong missile that showed its upgraded capabilities.]

Aug 4, 2003 - Hyundai chief linked to N Korea bribes leaps to his death. A senior executive of South Korea’s Hyundai conglomerate has leapt to his death amid a probe into his role in the secret transfer of millions of dollars by the government to North Korea.
The probe focused on the transfer of $500 million to Pyongyang by Hyundai just prior to the 2000 summit. ...
The 2000 inter-Korean summit helped Kim Dae-Jung win the Nobel Peace Prize later that year.
The apparent suicide came days after Mr. Chung testified in court about the secret money transfer. ...
Hyundai Merchant Marine*

Those who worked for president Kim Dae-Jung’s sunshine and burnt offering policy -such as Ban Ki-Moon (vice-minister of foreign affaires and trade - UN secretary general), Han Seung-Soo (minister of foreign affaires and trade - prime minister), Cho Jung-Pyo (consul general, Korean consulate general in Atlanta - vice foreign minister - minister of the (Han Seung-Soo) prime minister’s office) and Park In-Kook (minister-counselor, Korean embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium - Korean permanent Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Permanent representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, Vice-President of ECOSOC)- consolidated their powerful position after their criminal activities.

What they were actually working for -sunshine and burnt offering policy- was not what they were saying -such as world peace and denuclearization-

Sometimes I wonder about the operators’ intentions, those who tried to make me use illegally duplicated software. They manipulatively informed me that they could make large profits through gambling. For that sake they skillfully corrupted their targets, so as to be able to facilitate their criminal activities in an insidious manner.

Agent Surgeon, the one who tried to harm me by using prostitutes -sex workers- in the city of Luxemburg, masqueraded himself as a sincere Catholic and often talked about holy water and miracles – just to make his target believe that he was a sincere and reliable person-. When he failed to make me accept a prostitute, he tried to make me ill, in a very sly manner. Soon after, this same agent Surgeon mentioned “an incurable disease”, while he was carefully observing my reaction to those scary words. –

I must still understand the reason why they tried to use prostitutes in Luxemburg.

This highly articulated behavioral pattern of agent Surgeon should be always kept in mind, so as to avoid and prevent any harm that this kind of criminality could cause. Agent Surgeon was often mentioning and praising a person linked to the place where they were enticing me to. At that place, an agent who was ex-military officer also marked me as a pro-American extreme rightist by mentioning the assassination of Kim Jong-II.

Agent Surgeon’s tactic of using a harlot kept on repeating since the time they first approached me in Seoul. From Seoul to Berkeley –US-, and Brussels –EU-, these criminal activities went on and on. This is one of the most cost-effective and frequently-used dangerous tools of the criminal networks that Ban Ki-Moon and his fellow agents are employing.

[Just like Caleb, agent Surgeon was once delighted to speak boastingly about his baby’s passport, he seemed to be happy because he was also benefited by his baby’s new documentation.

At one time I met another agent who was proudly showing off while he told me the way in which he had acquired his foreign passport – through marriage. He was disguised as a devotee of LDS church. He was a person linked to -addictive- narcotics while using state sponsored crime -Ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha-. He had a close relation with Danish Patriot and the Korean embassy in Brussels. ]

I felt no surprise when I run into an agent who showed pleasure by boasting about the activities of the so-called “widow army” in church and in the Korean community abroad. This will be mentioned below.

They started to use my first trip abroad as an occasion to use the young American teenager as a prostitute, as an attack against my safety. –Instigation of criminal activities- [Let’s also keep in mind the agent who attempted to employ an infected nurse in order to harm me]

Why did they prefer to destroy me while I was in US?

Innocent Girl, Diamonds and a So-called Military Intelligence Officer who was trained for Sabotage

The instigation to smuggle diamonds was one of their long-term manipulations, as much as gambling was. The intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong, the diplomats and their operators tried to make me buy an expensive diamond that could have generated a profit equivalent to one year of my living costs in Belgium –a grand motivation? -.

Officer Bae did not hesitate to play some part in this temptation scheme by saying that he had gone to Antwerp in order to assist a general who had purchased a big diamond. And he went on insinuating that the general would bypass customs without a proper import declaration – smuggling. Officer Bae pretended that an illegal bypass at the airport was routine for such a highly-placed general. He was presenting his sly words as a precious tool in order to convince of doing the same, so that I would finally commit the illicit act they were looking for.

Very proud seemed Officer Bae to be when he kept on telling me stories about his middle and high school connections, which reached up to presidents and powerful elites.

At that time, Bae approached me in the direction of being pro-American. Agent Milano, who was assigned to the military attaché, told me that Bae was a powerful military intelligence officer. Bae himself proudly presented himself as someone familiar in matters such as sabotage, and learned Russian during his military academic years. In an arrogant way he said that he had written his love letter in Russian. –With such fluency in the knowledge of Russian and experience in sabotage and military intelligence, what was this officer doing with his fellow citizens? Why was not he engaged in an intelligence war against the Russian Red Army and the famous KGB during the cold war?- Bae was closely related to the military attaché and the person who enticed me to the NATO military base – SHAPE. Intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong was evidently working in the wrong direction.

When officer Bae referred to me as a pro-Kim Jong-Il communist in front of some Koreans, he was showing me his new badge of military rank – insignia- which showed his recent promotion. His attitude changed dramatically – from friendly to aggressive.

When I was calling for an end to the state terrorist culture in Seoul, Bae was being promoted to general under the ex human rights lawyer president Roh Moo-Hyun. This was clearly showing the flexibility of his propaganda and the subtle inclusion of criminal elements into the system, in spite of what president Roh was claiming.

They also kindly taught me how to smuggle a diamond -in secrecy-

It was repeatedly explained to me by a female agent. This “lady”–she looked innocent and conscientious– added that the ridiculous diamond smuggling method was used by diplomats when they were passing through the customs at the airport. It was her ridiculous ambush.

She also tried to use a cunning –and very classic- trap in order to get me into her hands. She was very close to Danish agent, Patriot I (NUAC South Korean National Unification Advisory Council), and no different from other female agents. Interestingly enough, she informed me about KCIA intelligence agents’ emigration to US (New York).

[Another remarkable point is that she intentionally made noises about a bad relationship she had had with one of the most dangerous and subtle woman in the team – a close colleague of Bae. The reason why she brought this subject was to erase any possibility of revealing their real relationship. She had to make noises over several relationships she had had. I found out afterwards that many of these representatives commit such kind of acts in order to hide their real activities - on a big scale, in a very visible fashion.]

And Danish agent emerged as a diamond merchant, though he kept saying that he was an airline tickets seller. He had multiple layers of disguise. [After my long recovery from the narcotics intoxication, I met him at the Schuman metro station, near the European Community (current EU) building. He was very surprised that I had met him by chance. When this Danish agent was very active near to me, one of the Koreans suddenly spoke about the NATO military base. There was no reason why he should have selected NATO as the subject.]

Agent Mirage was also one of those agents who were with this mysterious lady. Agent Mirage and Danish Patriot were very active under Ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha (Yoo Jong-Ha). The mysterious lady was linked with diplomats including KCIA agent stationed at Korean embassy.

[Many years later, he himself confirmed his real identity at the time he had made his death threats, when diplomats used germs and attempted to murder me. As for me, I had no hope of surviving as they kept on menacing me in that roundabout manner. Circumlocution, periphrasis was the way in which most of these thugs enjoyed making their proposals and threats.

In fact, by using words to cover up his position, he revealed the inner rings of these diplomat-terrorist networks. He revealed his relation with others on purpose. By doing so, he intended to shock me and break up my resistance.

Danish Patriot intentionally mentioned his connections with the Albanian Mafia, situated in Belgium, and delivered his sly death threats. Albanian mafia is well known for its brutality, includes illegal trade and human trafficking -forming networks of prostitution rings-together with the sale of narcotics. Once I gave KCIA agent Jung Kang-Hyun a book about the Mafia -to help him understand how organized crime operates. Ironically, one who was working for KCIA and diplomats clearly stated that he was with the Albanian Mafia, and delivered his death threats.

He said that the Albanian Mafia -including its boss- calls him “master” and respects him. But, what kind of master is he?]

When I returned to Seoul on vacation, they were at the airport. The person I met behaved strangely –relatively aggressive and intimidating-, unlike the others. When this punk found nothing in my belongings, the disappointed man put one of the small gifts that I had prepared for my friends in the pocket of his upper garment, and then smiled at me. This kind of gesture was repeated by agent Milano who had appeared after the inauguration of President Kim Dae-Jung. He insulted me with the same sort of gesture language that the military intelligence officer Bae had used long time ago.

Married but can't escape from the Networks

There was a woman who was sent to me just like a well-wrapped classic girl for Korean CIA’s badger game -snare-. The concerned female was intended to be used as a trap by one of Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s colleagues, after so many years.

Afterwards, she was married to a foreigner, on foreign soil, but couldn’t get out of the network's hands (EU). Those who were linked to her, those who had used her as bait, were active in Belgium and in the eastern part of US.

She was not alone in this kind of tragic state crimes. I had already been deeply touched by boisterous remarks about the “Widow Army” made by the one who emphasized his connections with two presidents.


On one occasion, on request, I made a loan to somebody I had known since my university student days. [He was linked to agent Dandruff - Papua New Guinea.]

This was their general pattern of behavior – they tried to harm their victim economically or materially. It happened in US. He was operating in support of Mr. Orange’s activities. When he approached me, I was already under the influence of their psychotropic drugs.

Another peculiar thing I observed was that they deliberately carried on this kind of financial and material squabbles —farce— among them. What was their purpose? They were seeking to increase the number of onion skins — multiple layers of disguise.

Man and Prostitutes -Sex Workers-

President Kim Dae-Jung tried to murder me even inside the church, by mobilizing his agents and diplomats. Then, to cover up his crimes, President Kim’s diplomats and agents offered financial compensation and a lady.

It was cold war time, and it was more convenient to suppress their target as a communist than as a pro-American in Western Europe. As we all know, the Europeans and their intelligence and militaries were struggling to keep balance with their counterparts of the communist bloc – including the Russian KGB and the East German STAZI.

To create confusion, one of the agents who physically attacked me was disguised as a person holding the equivalent of Belgian citizenship. This assailant was well linked to agent Surgeon and his buddies –especially agent K-. He used that effective covering for many years. Coming back to Seoul, I managed to find his name on the list of professors who were teaching at a University near my home. It was not difficult to figure out the reason why he was presented as such –a person holding the equivalent of Belgian citizenship-

[Just as bioterrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang, working at the Public Health and Welfare Ministry -currently Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs-, used the word “Interpol” to intimidate his victim – he suggested he was collaborating with Interpol [Bio-terrorism and other evil activities in collaboration with Interpol? Terrorist Nho's quarry?], there were other operators acting like European intelligence agents –French secret service-, as an effective cover and also for intimidation. Those connected to Albanian Mafia –Danish agent- and diamond smugglers used that word “Interpol” in order to threaten me.]

Interestingly, they tried to plant in me the basis for pro-communist sentiments. Did they need a real communist or a revolutionary?

They needed a prey for their trap. They were looking for money, a job, a promotion and so on… A powerless citizen like me was simply their target.

Many years later, the attacker appeared again among those agents and diplomats in church -Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa and terrorist attaché Nho Gil-Sang were presbyters-. One of Jeon’s henchmen -agent Kyu- revealed the presence of the assailant in church and told me, at a café next to the church, “Do not come back to church!”

[Once I inquired about a KCIA agent. The diplomat answered me “Do you believe in God?” In that way I had to learn the craftiness in which they use the church that I know.]

Agent K, who was helping to keep up this remarkable façade for his fellow henchman as a Belgian citizen, was Surgeon’s close mate, and in various occasions he tried later to use plenty of women, including Japanese and Belgian prostitutes. When this colleague of agent Surgeon made his last attempt in his criminal task, he showed me his business card – saying that he was working for a Belgian telecommunication equipment company, and that he was one of its regional representatives.

They needed something Belgian to hide their intentions and achieve their objectives.

Later, he also moved to Seoul.

Agent Surgeon’s buddy once mentioned half-naked Chinese ladies in the People’s Republic of China and his close friendship with the son of a high-ranking Chinese communist (PRC). Unfortunately for him, he was trying to do something that was impossible at that time – he could not move me to China.

[Just like many others seeking to destroy me, one of the attacker’s close coworkers –besides agent Surgeon- was also in US. Remarkably, he pretended to be my friend.]

Jin and His Neighbors: A Communist and Abnormal Belgians

It must be remembered that agent Jin invited me to his home and branded me a anti-American, pro-Chinese, pro-Kim Il-Sung communist in front of his family and Belgian guests. During the conversation with them, I was just comparing the characteristics of the political systems and the stability of republics and kingdoms. It was actually on the level of middle school education. Agent Jin artificially added nonsense words –he hyped it up- in that context. He labeled me as a pro-Kim Il-Sung hard-line communist.

Constitutional monarchies -such as U.K., Netherlands and Sweden- were born in Western Europe. When I told him about the stability of those Kingdoms and constitutional monarchies in general, agent Jin suddenly branded me a pro Kim Il-Sung communist. He marked me as if I were supporting the stability of that atrocious dictatorship of Kim Il-Sung and his cult . By doing so, he exposed what he actually is. (May 2, 2009) [It is good to remember those thugs of consul general Cho Jung-Pyo -under Han Seung-Soo and Ban Ki-Moon- branded US republicans as US communists, right in front of me -the victim- while I was on a hunger strike at Norcross, Georgia. Those secret agents were from the Korean community in Atlanta.]

[That’s amazing, his colleagues tried to kidnap and murder me while at the same time their boss -president Kim Dae-Jung- was secretly sending a large amount of money to communist Kim Jong-Il, who is a son of communist Kim Il-Sung, and his successor. I feel like if I were living in quite a different world.

During the cycling event, the KCIA agents, including fake journalists, were leaving Paris and going to Berlin via Brussels and Antwerp.

When I came back to Seoul, I found agent Jin’s name in the same layer of modern camouflage in Paris -intelligence network at Paris-.]

And the local man was putting his foot with sock on up on the dining table.

Soon, some agents began to say a lot concerning those two locals – that somehow they were abnormal -sexually disoriented-.

-Not good in the sense of being in a proper neighborhood.-

I did not know them, I had no interest in them. Even though these thugs were marking me as a pro Kim Il-Sung, anti-American communist in front of those two persons, the operator classified them as improper – somehow they were not normal. I was advised to avoid any contact with them. Since then, I have never seen the local man again. Why did the KCIA operators need to provoke such a twisted situation?

[There was a Brazilian-Dutch couple at that time. They were familiar with the Koreans in Brussels. One of the Dutchman’s parents was Italian, and his wife was from Brazil. She explained her Brazilian culture to me. The man was also branded in a strange way – and with the use of gloomy expressions-. I had to remember certain words (bath room, gas intoxication, death). The last time I saw that couple was when they came to my place for dinner.

The agent conducting the verbal attack against me was showing irritation and anger as soon as I made contact with the Dutch and the Brazilian. After the agent repeated his strange behavior on several occasions, I never saw that couple again]

Jin and his colleagues did it on purpose.

It happened in Brussels, Belgium. Just like the attacker was the equivalent of a Belgian citizen for the operators, they could claim -as they saw fit- that anyone was improper, or a communist, or anti-American, or a pro-American extreme rightist.

[An interesting point to make is that one of the student spies (agent Popeye, ex-military officer) uttered insulting expressions against the old and experienced politician Kim Jong-Pil. I do not know why this agent took it against Kim Jong-Pil, who was a powerful politician under President Kim Dae-Jung –who served as prime minister-. Kim Jong-Pil was a founder of KCIA on June 1961.

The agent said JP was finished. What was his hidden intention? President Park was killed by the head of KCIA.

Agent Popeye was an instrument in charge of intentionally spreading certain information. Let’s also remember Jeon, who transmitted the manipulated information concerning the amount of dollars that had been secretly supplied to Kim Jong-Il by Kim Dae-Jung. I do not know Popeye's hidden intention. Later, Han Seung-Soo became the minister of foreign affaires and Trade.]

[Afternoon, Nov. 17, 2008. When I finished writing these paragraphs concerning Jin and his collaborators -Jin and His Neighbors: A Communist and Abnormal Belgians-, I had to face another aggression by means of a motorcycle. It was recorded in my PC without any internet connection.

Once, some men -including agents disguised as civilians- menaced me at the police station after shouting –as an insult and menace- “Kill him!” “Do you want to die?” “Watch out for the car!” . -They even enacted several car accidents as a death threat -at the entrance of Hyundai Hospital-. I had come to Hyundai hospital -Asan Medical Center- for a medical imaging diagnosis, a preparatory step for a surgical operation. President Kim who received the Nobel peace prize committed bio-terrorist acts and even threatened someone who needed medical treatment.-]

In that situation, I could do nothing. Since my university years I had frequently seen this sort of manipulation -branding me a communist-.

[Agent Kyu often used terms such as Unification Church, religious reformation, Chaebol and social inequality with second intentions. (Agent Sturgeon also mentioned Unification Church several times, just like agent Kyu. What was their goal? Kyu posed as Presbyterian and Sturgeon as an Atheist. Both were well trained and balanced tentacles of political gangsters.) Agent Kyu also spoke for the Military Officer Lee Seung-Sun and told me loudly that Military Defense Attaché Lee Seung-Sun was conducting intelligence-gathering concerning people related to NATO – What was the purpose of these words of evil design from the Military Attaché Lee Seung-Sun and agent Kyu?-. (By using the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation (PKO) Activities, as the head of the army medical unit, Ban Ki-Moon and Kim Dae-Jung's force sent Lee Seung-Sun to the PKO operation to launder Lee Seung-Sun’s career.) Agent Kyu operated also in Paris (France).

-Agent Kim Jong-Gil once said that Baptism was repulsive. He said it just in front of me, inside the tram 44. I was able to stop his aggression by remarking that the US president was a Baptist. He became silent. Agent Kim Jong-Gil is well trained -physically-, very agile and intelligent. He was linked to a Chinese agent -MBA student-. Why such absurdity? He was one of those who believe that they may cover up their crimes with financial gains, sex and murder. He intentionally told me that he and his Chinese friend would be in US.-

After the kidnapping attempt at the street between the Sablon church and the Palais de Justice failed, agent Kim Jong-Gil started to make various propositions. Agent Kim Jong-Gil suggested that US would turn to be a second rate nation, and that very soon PRC would become the first super power. He added several justifications related to geopolitical and economic development, as well as historical events. He advanced a political-diplomatic plan that would help PRC and in return accommodate Korea's position with People’s Republics of China -replacing US with PRC-. He presented this as president Kim Dae-Jung's brilliant plan. He went on remarking that president Km was a genius of military arts and diplomacy. It all happened at a Greek restaurant near Grand Place in Brussels.

I do not accept the term “genius” applied to the person who conducts bio-terrorism, prostitution, kidnapping, assassination and cover-up attempts.

May 07, 2009. Right after writing this paragraph, the end of it became mysteriously deleted. When I restored the file I verified that many other words were also missing.

And the terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang telephoned me to say, “Do not trust anyone in US.” An interesting point is that Nho did not like to use even a cellular phone because of his carefulness - eavesdropping. He was member of a high-level death squad that had been dispatched to Brussels; a diplomat and at the same time a well-trained elite terrorist who intended to kidnap and murder me –a burnt offering for president Kim Dae-Jung-.

-He made me to know that he was once active in UK. He impressed me as he intended.-

At the time I decided to move to US (Atlanta) for sometime, due to safety reasons, and to go on writing about xenotransplantation, the military officer Park Young-Sam -who was a subordinate of the Military Attaché Lee Seung-Sun- tried to put into practice a similar sort of manipulation in order to prevent my departure, right in front of the church.]

Then, when I was lured into the NATO-US military base (SHAPE, Mons, BE) by a Military Attaché’s subordinate -agent Forrest-, he carried out the same type of treatment — prostitutes and pro-communist accusations. I was branded a pro-communist, and those females I met at the NATO base were labeled as prostitutes. What kind of salvation?

Police State and Hard-Line Communist

It was the cold war period. The Berlin Wall was still there. And Europe was divided into two parts — the Russian-supported Communist East and the US-supported Capitalist West.

Before marking me as a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist –a hard-line communist- in front of the Belgians, agent Jin –together with his fellow agents- told me that Belgium was a “Police State with efficient information gathering —just like Germany”—. They said it with the obvious intention to intimidate me.

It is not hard to guess that the majority of common local citizens would not sympathize with a hard-line communist, such as a pro-Kim Il-Sung leftist. The Belgian and Western German security forces –if they knew- would be nervous about the newly-arrived, hard-line pro-Kim Il-Sung, pro-Soviet communist, painted and branded as such by the KCIA (NIS) and Korean diplomats. In Belgium, there were terrorist acts organized by the CCC (Cellules Communistes Combattantes). In West Germany, they had to struggle with home-grown terrorist groups and East German communist intelligence activities – the STAZI.

Let’s also remember that Belgium had sent its voluntary army to the Korean War (1950-53), just like US did. So it had its own point of view regarding hard-line, pro-Soviet, North Korean communism, very similar to the position of US. It was also home to the NATO. I had several chances to learn about it and understand the existence of those volunteer soldiers that I had seen at gatherings of Koreans in Belgium; and the Korean War was well-remembered by many locals whom I met.

That was the cold war period before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

It must have been a lot easier to destroy me as pro-Soviet, pro-Kim Jong-Il, hard-line communist in front of Europeans.

And with such sly operations, agent Jin and those personages such as Bae Yang-Hong and the military attaché consolidated their cover as pro-Japanese, pro-American, and pro-Western forces.

[One of the agents working in coordination with Jin was the Danish agent who was often boasting about his wealth –- one of the classic tricks agents were using. An interesting point is that they frequently presented themselves as pro-Japanese, but they never forgot to provoke anti-Japanese sentiments. This was a good tactic for manipulating feelings towards China and US. It makes me wonder about the ground taken by those who work for bosses like Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon, if they are with me in China, Japan and Russia. Their positioning will always depend on what profit can they obtain.

Meanwhile, they are destroying their fellow citizens for their own benefit – beneficial positioning. ]

One of Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s consuls –together with his wife- enticed me once to his apartment –just like agent Jin had done- in order to play an anti-Japanese, pro-Japanese game. He sent the kindergarten’s headmaster -agent Ham- to lure me into Flanders by talking about a Korean lady he knew. And the next day, he tried to convince me to go to Germany.

Nho Gil-Sang, the bioterrorist who had told me that President Kim Dae-Jung had not forgotten me, asked me one Sunday in church about Ham’s safe departure to Germany, and then smiled. It was President Kim’s sly threat.

Meanwhile, the network tried to use a woman in a very subtle way. She was related to a person who had been linked to another agent. I will give more details about it when addressed.

Meanwhile, the network tried to use a female in a very subtle way. She was related to the agent who had been linked with another agent. I will speak to this addressed. -?***-

[All this was part of the grand theatrical performance that was described by Caleb. This agent, who was disguised as a pure evangelist, suggested to me that I should put an end to my life (that I should commit suicide). And he did it in a sly and subtle manner. He really amused himself by threatening me – he had his baby in his arms. It is also important to remember the well-coded sly death threat made by a Korean TV program director right before the Paris-Berlin cycling event.

Same tactics were used in the operation conducted at the US–NATO military base in southern Belgium (Mons, SHAPE).

Agent Jin proudly told me that he had graduated from the same university as agent White, who had looked down on my situation -I became a victim of their clandestine narcotics intoxication operation. Many years later, agent White reappeared together with agent Jeon, who had tried to murder me with Ban Ki-moon’s diplomats for President Kim Dae-Jung. They were all linked to each other. Well, they told me I was alone – powerless and without hope.

In front of his family, agent White
used an insulting expression –an unexpected move while he kept watching my reaction.

When I came back to Seoul from Atlanta, I found the name of agent Jin in the list of staff members of the same company in Paris. Following my discovery, his name soon disappeared from that list]

The Diplomats’ Tentacles: Park, Song Pyung-Jun, and Their Ladies

At last, agent Park –Jin’s fellow worker- became a lecturer at a university in Seoul, and from that position he also tried to use a female agent –a nurse.

This sort of approach was going on from a long time ago. Well-disguised agents like him were also using same tactics. He was first introduced as a student on a Belgian scholarship. He underlined that human relations with westerners –especially with women- were not adequate for people like me – what had happened in US was now being repeated. And he sounded out my opinion about working within their networks, which were trying to harm and murder me with a hidden purpose.

[Park is now a professor, but before that he was a PhD student on a Belgian scholarship in Belgium. And he is the person who enticed me into Jin’s apartment and put me into their dangerous machinations.

It was right after an American friend’s visit that I observed agent Park getting incomprehensibly angry.

Park often came to my place to idle his time away. Indeed, that was part of his operation with hidden motives. Once, one of my American friends visited my place. He was a student at medical school. After a short conversation with Park and me, he left my flat. Park gave signs of being angry, but I could not understand why. He was expressing a long and calm anger.

Later, agent Park enticed me to Jin’s apartment and got me into their well-prepared plot. The place where I met Jin was the underground room of the Sablon church. In that cellar I met many of them, including military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong and agent Song. The latter was disguised as a telecommunication engineer. They afterwards proved –one by one- that they were not the persons that they pretended to be.]

Song’s Lady in Köln

Those tactics were similar to the one that had been employed by the mysterious agent who once tried to use a young black African girl in his dark trap.

In the early period in Belgium, they were mobilizing their thugs through Belgium and Western Germany, and enticed me into Germany – to Köln. Köln is not distant from Bonn, where the Korean Embassy was located. (It was before German unification.) He tried to approach me by using a woman in a subtle and disgusting manner. The mysterious agent contacted me with the help of Song and even came to Brussels with several unknown operators. They kept trying to come closer to me under new masquerades – concealed as a weekend trip, a telephone call from Atomium.

The man had an agile tongue – he disguised himself as a devoted worker in church.

Offered a Lady in Church

Along with their suggestion of financial compensation, they made their proposal while placing a lady inside the church. The lady was guided by several agents – especially one of Jeon’s closest agents who operated in church. Those who were linked to the woman were tentacles of Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats –operators’ networks. When I refused their offer, she moved away from me – walking in the manner of military personnel.

Her behavior unexpectedly changed from very soft to very haughty and aggressive. She was skillful and expert. Definitely not an amateur. Her dramatic change of behavior and attitude showed to me how useful a person like her could be – a valuable tool for a criminal operation: what was the purpose of the existence of that woman in Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs network - like those other ladies in the diplomatic criminal circles of Ban Ki-Moon who worked for President Kim Dae-Jung. It all happened near the main door of the church building.

I remembered the phrase “widow army”. Agent Sturgeon spoke proudly about the existence of prepared women in church and in their Korean community base in US. Sturgeon explained the existence of “badger games” and their usefulness – by means of male and female agents.

Several months later (Summer 2001), agent Sun (UK), a close collaborator of Jeon and terrorist Nho Gil-Sang, made another financial compensation proposal when we were standing on the other side of the church entrance door –outside-. It was merely a preparatory stage while getting ready for the next attempt to murder me on foreign soil - it was just a road to darkness and death. An interesting aspect was that he pretended to be an innocent civilian -just like Jin did- even though he worked with Military Attaché Lee Seung-Sun, KCIA diplomat Jung Kang-Hyun and terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang under vice-minister-class ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa — who is a diplomat of Ban Ki-Moon, having the latter become the UN -United Nations- Secretary General.

Recently, Agent Sun was transferred to London (UK).

This lady was often seen with the operator who had lured me into Antwerp with the idea of slaughtering me by using a swordsman, in the presence of many other agents, including an Algerian and some diamond smugglers. This Algerian who had been hired by this strange agent in Antwerp came next to me on the evening they were preparing the swordsman to commit the crime. Wise was also present in the operation that evening. He was very surprised and afraid. The operator in Antwerp had good connections with those people from the so-called “diamond smuggling network.”

The married female agent --the “Hong Kong connection”-– very aggressively kept repeating a very silly story about China (Beijing, People’s Republic of China). She was wicked. Interestingly, a few moments later she was behaving like a friend, same as diplomat Oh Young-Hwan. Why did “the Hong Kong connection” change her attitude, just like diplomat Oh had done?

Once this secret operator in Antwerp and agent “Hong Kong connection” and other silent agent were approached to me with extreme politesse at the western sea port of Belgium. By doing so, I discovered UN secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's death squad -those who had malicious intentions- long before their failed attempt at an restaurant in Antwerp.

The same kind of action –telling a certain nonsense story about the People’s Republic of China (PRC)- was seen in African Museum garden when I was approached by Jeon’s best friend and Chinese agent –as an illegal immigrant from PRC and fluent in Korean-. The Chinese agent was linked to this Korean operator. The Chinese agent –introduced to me as a Chinese illegal immigrant by Ban Ki-Moon’s agents - referred to some dubious Chinese arms trade and embezzlement schemes carried out by Deng Pufang, the son of well-known Chinese president Deng Xiao-ping.

[Deng Pufang, who is paraplegic, was known for being crippled by the Chinese Red Guards under Mao Tsetung during the Cultural Revolution.]

At the end, he gave me his hand phone number and said that he will remain in Netherlands -so I can reach him-. I had no reason to go to Netherlands to meet a person who worked with KCIA agents - enticement -. He was with Koreans in Brussels.

At that time, some of the agents (agent Black Suitcase) tried to lure me into going to eastern Africa – Who was the specialist in that region among those diplomats in church? Where is he now in Africa serving as a diplomat?

[Agent Black Suitcase menaced the safety of my family just like their hostages and said to me “Do you want to eat your family’s blood and flesh?”]

Agent Swiss told me that he was coming to church from Switzerland every weekend.


At that time, the agents who came from Swiss unsuccessfully tried to entice me into going to Switzerland. The agents also talked about possibilities, “about girl friends” – trying to facilitate their approach to me. His unsuccessful attempt was done in the middle of successively failed abduction attempts at Belgium. I refused his proposal. He pretended to be a man who can present me many women. And he played his own style of “badger game”.

[It is very important to remember that agent Sturgeon who talked about his future life in the US as a holder of permanent US residency and American citizenship said that they filmed the adultery scene of a woman through pin hole and used such materials to influence, pressure and manipulate the people in question for their specific criminal purposes. He was excited about it. This was when he came back from Seoul.

When he came back from Oregon he became very aggressive.

Since my university years, they often tried to send female agents with various disguises –from religious to intellectual ones-. Under these perfect disguise, sooner or later I was going to discover their true identities and vicious objectives.

One of the first agents who were sent to me by criminals was a nurse who worked in the University Hospital – Later, I learned that she was married and infected. I learned this through the secret student operator who tried to use that nurse against me and used to tell to me that he was my friend – What kind of friend is he? Even he participated in violent actions against me-. I do not know why he told me about the infected status of the nurse -it was after the failure of his sly attempt-.

Sometimes, certain agents threatened me by revealing their identity. They had a especial taste for crime and threats and they enjoyed doing it.

At that time, I was only sleeping three and half hours a night to study as a university student. Their attempt could not be effective. What necessity did they have to destroy me? To show off what he was capable of doing, he once introduced me to his collaborator – a military intelligence person, but not an officer like Bae Yang-Hong but just a simple low-ranking soldier. At the time, these two agents made noises –a bunch of nonsense tales that no one could imagine- about the Korean Army - including Korean ministry of defense- and US Army stationed in Korea. It was a story told with evident vicious motivation and criminal intention. Naturally, this contained words that can provoke anti-Americanism and anti-government sentiments. Astonishingly, this was done by military intelligence soldier with the help of a soldier who was a student spy who participated in the physical assaults against me. -The content of story delivered by the military intelligence agent was never discussed and will not be recorded here.-]

?*** (What is the signification of this part? This part was deleted and restored by those thugs, discovered June 13, 2009 What is their intention?)

The people who had been mobilized to be used in the thugs’ criminal activities in United States and European Union were Koreans, Japanese, Algerian, Chinese, Turks, and locals – American and Europeans. It is also important to note that they tried to use Arab drug dealer and mentioned Albanian Mafia while Danish agent threatened me.

[There were certain undetermined persons from other places – a young African girl and a South East Asian girl (Vietnamese). Since my return, they frequently employed young blond girls and South East Asians. Several French speaking and Hebrew speaking persons were also participated.]

It is also important to remember the agent K who tried to entice me into going to China. He was talking about his mainland Chinese friend, who was the son of a high-level communist party member, and about half-naked Chinese women. He also tried to motivate me into going to another place near my neighborhood, by mentioning “Japanese girls.” The place was located near the Hilton Hotel. And, furthermore, the “local Belgian prostitutes were not excluded from his toolbox. He was not able to succeed because of the -paradoxical- interesting cover of one of his colleagues, and I had heeded this, considering him to be a potentially dangerous man. That also helped me to understand the multiple layers of their onion structure - just like diplomat Nho Gil-Sang made me understand many information through his cruel actions.

When he set up his last move, he said that he was holding a position in a Belgian company as a sales representative. ?***

[In the case of a young black African girl, tactics were very elaborated. - At the Café Nemrod.

The agent was a middle-aged man, and he was not thin. This all took place at the Café Nemrod. The diplomat Nho Gil-Sang was using this as a place to get into close contact with me – to spy on me. Diplomat Jung also knew that I sometimes visited this café just like Caleb, Sturgeon, the Danish agent Patriot I, and many other agents. There were several places that these thugs, operators and diplomats were using. Just like “Nemrod”, a Hilton’s coffee-shop…

It was in those premises that a female agent of the military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong revealed the existence of some Korean National Secret data
concerning communist terrorists’ heinous crimes of bioterrorism in the Southern part of Korea under Kim Il-Sung. She suggested that she would like to smuggle it out. They afterwards told me that she had an officer's rank in the army.

Many years later, she was together with those who kept behind the bioterrorism committed by Chinese agents in coordination with Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats –diplomats and thugs included-

She muttered against me -with threatening horrible facial expressions- inside the church building. She and her husband –a violinist- were among the thugs and diplomats working under vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon in Church. She was also well-connected with agent Surgeon, Surgeon’s best colleague (agent K) and Bae Yang-Hong.


One of their best operators -Danish Patriot- called himself as a (Korean) patriot.

The bioterrorist group of Kim Il-Sung -who is the father and predecessor of Communist Kim Jong-Il- was presented as heinous crimes in front of citizens, and bioterrorism -germ terror- was considered a patriotic action under President Kim Dae-Jung.

It was also at this café that Jeon said that President Kim Dae-Jung was delivering large sums of cash to Kim Jong-Il, who was after the development of a nuclear bomb and long range missiles, and later on did test his nuclear device. It was well known that Kim Jong-Il had already achieved a relatively long distance delivery system -Taepodong-. Agent Sturgeon knew about its well long before president Kim Dae-Jung delivered large sums of dollars.

An interesting point is that Jeon, who worked with the diplomats, exaggerated the amount of secret cash transfers to Kim Jong-Il.

And I met others by chance.

The agent later told me about his teenage girl friend –who cannot be classified as a lover. He proposed me a plan to go to Lisbon (Portugal) with his very young teenager African black girl. –He said he enjoyed her-. She was not referred to as rented or lent, he just suggested that I could enjoy her for a moment –these tactics were often employed by the diplomats’ thugs’ networks. His enticement took place in the midst of the successive failed attempts of burnt offering for President Kim Dae-Jung. Vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon, who later became United Nations Secretary General, is one of those guilty diplomats.

Agent Sturgeon, whom I told of this case, kept busy getting excited about it and getting entangled in the plot.

Remarkably, this sort of crime game has existed for a long time. The agent, who had been a fellow university student and collaborated with a military intelligence soldier, was trying to trap me inside a plot, and for this purpose he was using several ladies.

Agent Song also chose similar tactics in Köln, just like the soldier who worked with the military intelligence agent had done during my university years.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, I do not know what you call this sort of tactics.]

The Lady Offered in the Church was Korean.

Unlike other days, she was dressed differently -- with clothes that made her look like a young girl. Such a dramatic style change was also seen in diplomat Nho (Roh) Gil-Sang.

The lady who had been used in the church in Brussels was Korean, she was from Korea. That day in church she had been monitored and controlled by several agents. These had themselves revealed their identities at the time of their coordinated acts linked with agent Sun (United Kingdom), the well-paid Jeon and diplomat Nho Gil-Sang - Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa’s and Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and terrorists. Certain thugs expressed their pleasure when one of them threatened me in front of his fellow criminals and his wife, just like ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa had done in front of his fellow diplomats inside the church. This all happened when I refused their financial compensation proposal and the lady in question.

[It is important to note that Ambassador Choi ran away from me in the presence of his diplomats and thugs in church. It was before my departure to US. The ambassador who wanted to emigrate to Texas enjoyed threatening his victim even inside the church and in front of Korean embassy at Brussels. It was not possible to understand his behavior at that moment.]

The lady they offered me inside the church was often seen with the mysterious Antwerp man who had enticed me into going to Antwerp and had tried to kill me using a swordsman. -It was possible to imagine that he had received some training at a certain specialized military camp. I still don’t know why they had such a conversation-. This Antwerp man was moving together with an Algerian, mobilizing a group of diamond smugglers on that day. These diamond dealers were linked to the diplomats and collaborated with the diplomat-and-thug networks. The swordsman returned to Brussels when he concluded that he could not murder me that day due to the heavy presence of epicures at the restaurant. I came back to Brussels by train. One of the smugglers was bringing his children with him in order to facilitate their cover up – this type of action was seen as an attempt to kidnap me using agent Kim Jong-Gil near the Louise place. The children were tools for a complete masquerade. Then, it was clearly no surprise for me to see the teenager in Berkeley as a prostitute in the hands of operators of the KCIA. Was she recruited as a prostitute or trained as such?


[Once, in Seoul, they even tried to influence me by using a strange cult – a so-called “student club.”]

One of the persons helping in the failed kidnapping attempt was an elementary school teacher – that was what they said.


This “educator” -agent Ham- approached me with the help of the consul –one of Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s tentacles-, he was a kindergarten’s headmaster. Just like with doctors and nurses, their job gave them a certain degree of cover.

In the same way, an innocent lady in church was turned into a valuable and exchangeable commodity, the manner in which their true nature was revealed was a wonder. When I refused their offer including the lady, they became aggressive and repellent -intimidating. One of the agents threatened me near the church’s entrance door, and his wife smiled while she –a schoolmistress- was waiting for her husband's threatening gesture. After the gesture of physical threat of a thug, female agents without exception were smiled. NIS agent Jung Kang-Hyun was in the church. I was in the middle of them.

[I received a phone call from Seoul. It was from a Korean TV program director working on a program aiming to document those high tech -bio and medicine laboratories achievements. He said that they would like to visit those laboratories and make a program over their working areas -research subjects-. He would even like to have an interview with a high ranking leader –a minister who was well known and was often on RTL and RTBF- in the concerned ministry.

After obtaining all the information he needed -I had selected several representative laboratories in several domains of bio-medical research in which I was also interested-, he cancelled what he said. He was a TV program director who was directed by the Korean embassy in Brussels.

All this took place immediately after I overcame the narcotic intoxication that had been orchestrated by the Korean embassy in Brussels and its thugs -Ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha-.

That TV program director, the same one who had menaced me before the abduction attempt at Antwerp (2000), was not the first TV program director in this grand theatrical performance of crime.

After this theatrical representation via TV program director and diplomats of the Korean embassy, there were several occasions those agents mentioned about such industrial spying.

The situation which I definitely have to remark is indeed the L-L-N case. He was interested in my oxygen diffusion major subject. He was trying to learn more about it, being the dangerous searcher that he was –with plenty of malicious tricks-. He also said something about intelligent industrial spying-even intelligence cover-up- (percussion).

Later I learnt that the agent Ferment (DEng, bioengineering) was working with agent Rdna (Ph.D., Seoul, Korea, California, US).

After he pretended to cooperate with me in this research subject, he expressed his desire to be compensated -“sex-appealing voluptuous prostitutes”-. –Did he belong to the mafia? He wanted to harvest an extra return -illicit sex-. Until then, I thought he was just a scientist and an engineer. But what he was actually doing was extremely malicious spying. It was also intentionally that he presented himself as bi-sexual -just like a bisexual prostitute-.

He was not really interested in the progress of my research. The tentacle that destroyed me in US was coming from agents located in Belgium with a more greedy intrinsic nature. Simply, the face was different. At the beginning he pretended that he was poor and had a problem to go back to Korea due to his personal use of research funds. -In Belgium he was connected with multilayered agent Onion, who pretended to be the victim of a military dictator.-

Later, agent Ferment returned to Korea, where he is nowadays a university professor.

Soon, I discovered the existence of agent Suh Ewha near me. (Agent Suh -female- was a member of Joshua's group.) She is a member of the cult that was well connected with diplomats such as Jung Kang-Hyun.


Agent Surgeon tried to link me to Professor Suh -male-.


In church, agent Popeye was together with many agents -three Chois-. One of those who worked with Popeye was from IMAC and maintained that he -(DEng)- was working in industrial spying -It was not easy to understand his hidden intentions. It happened just after I avoided their visit to my home (2000, Brussels). Why did he advance such words? They often revealed their real identities, just like bio-terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang-.

Agent K, who worked with agent Surgeon (Belgium, US), also told me about this type of industrial espionage that involved several persons with the secret purpose of hiding one of the main actors. From Stanford, Pittsburgh (Medical Center) to Harvard, from Brussels to London, they covered this small world -worldwide-. When I was a university student, I prepared to go abroad to study without threats or manipulation.

Agent Pullman said that I could not escape from their hands wherever I went. Just as he said it, there was no chance at all to get away from my government's criminal networks -from US to European Union- Agent Pullman even employed his family to disguise his acts -including threats-. He would like to disguise himself as a student who need help and as a person in the poor conditions to continue his study. He was preparing his study in US. Why did he display this desired cover in this way? He behaved just like DSC officer Bae Yang-Hong.

The trace of terrorist diplomats Oh Young-Whan and Cho Jung-Pyo’s presence in Japan speaks by itself about what can I gain if I went to that country.

Agent K and his friend –the one who physically attacked me- had tried to cover themselves as Belgian telecommunication company representative, Belgian state scholarship receiver, or the equivalent of a Belgian citizen. Others were showing many European nationalities (Belgian, Danish, French ...). They had multiple layered covers.

An interesting point that officer Park Young-Sam reminded me of was the breakdown of their criminal activities’ target. Once, when I was a university student, agent Pullman -who then migrated to US- told me that a person first had to be destroyed -broke down- in order to be afterwards recruited. It was their -state sponsored- practical philosophy. Citizens have to be aware of this horrible politics.

Publicly, diplomats and thugs attacked their victim as if he were a dangerous communist, scrutinized his doings and whereabouts -collecting information-, and then secretly they advanced their card -industrial espionage-.

Instead of protecting a citizen in an unfamiliar foreign land, they carried out their profitable criminal business. ]

[I remember the “widow army” that was mentioned by agent Sturgeon.]

During the criminal activities of diplomats and thugs, I frequently observed them using children and teenagers. [It was not surprising at all to see the agents using extreme violence against the operation’s target – a young teenager-.]

Sometimes, they used very old people. A physical attacker who collaborated with policemen and operators was a very old man. One of the policemen told me that he would like to become world-famous during the cover-up of extremely violent physical attack.

They --including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon- speak loudly about beautiful subjects such as human rights and prosperity and world peace.

Whose human rights? Who’s prosperity? What kind of world peace?

Peace and human rights constitute the ultimate goal that the United Nations pursue. Anti-terror policy of protecting human rights and peace has become an important task. UN secretary General Ban Ki-Moon talks about human rights, prosperity and world peace, but -just like his president Kim Dae-Jung and Roh Moo-Hyun- he refuses to clean up the terrorist activities implemented by himself.

Instead, he chooses sly violence and organized crimes.

Under a High / Middle School Uniform

Since I returned to Seoul, I had to confront countless traps that used women of various ages – they do not have any criteria on age. Surprisingly, they had no upper limit and no lower limit. Several times, I was confronted with a trick in which they used teenagers dressed in high/middle school uniforms.

In some cases, it was very hard to imagine them as high school students due to their appearance. Once, I observed a small young girl who was guided by a fatherly-looking man. On his signal, this puppet made a certain gesture that is usually made by adults.

[Once, I had the chance to see a policeman with a pistol in his belt controlling a number of teenagers. It was after they displayed those young teenagers -at the moment they understood they can not succeed to put me in their trap-.

Soon after I returned to Seoul from Atlanta, I had to encounter grotesque menace from a person in the uniform of policeman near the entrance of subway in front of elementary school not far from my home. He was his pistol in his hand in a menacing position. It was before I began to record about Kim Dae-Jung's malicious threats at Seoul.

It was a moment which reminded me of the threat posed by diplomat/intelligence agent Jung Kang-Hyun, who showed his pistol in order to threaten the victim inside the church.

I was washing dishes inside the church’s kitchen. And there was the diplomat/bioterrorist Nho Gil-Sang. Ironically, he belonged to the Ministry of Public Welfare and Health (currently this ministry has been renamed the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs). It was a very effective cover-up, just like some terrorists who hide themselves behind Bibles and religious words in order to deceive their victims without giving room to distrust. There they were, standing and smiling. On that day, there were very few people in church – the plan was well organized.

Even though he had already expressed his intention of committing crimes on various occasions, diplomat Nho suggested that I should teach a Bible class for children in that church, while he organized a “Burnt Offering for president Kim Dae-Jung, who publicizes his sunshine policy” together with his fellow diplomats and thugs.

This death threat with a diplomat’s pistol was made after Caleb insultingly invited me to commit suicide, suggestion he made with his periphrastic way of speaking. He was threatening me while he revealed his connections with the embassy, and then left for Korea. At the time he was menacing me, he had his baby in his arms.

He made his cunning threat in the same way a TV program director also did. A TV program director advised me to kill myself, in a roundabout way of speaking. I learnt the existence of this aggressive and insulting person through a phone call. It happened a few days before 2000 Km cycling event between Paris and Berlin. It was through that phone call from the Korean TV program director that I became implicated with the Korean embassy, one of whose agents would remain near me for a long time.

The Germans and The Korean in Question: Grotesque Theatrical Performance

—That weekend, in Jeon and his wife’s presence, I revealed the phone call I had received from TV PD. They did not specifically answer anything, trying to pass it off as something banal. Suddenly, they brought a xenophobic expression which I had not expected from them. In church, they were together with numerous Belgians. It is well known that Belgium is composed of three linguistic community. The person near me was not a Belgian but a Korean –of German origin- who was fluent in the Korean language. He had come from Seoul to participate in the 2000 Km cycling event between Paris and Berlin. After I talked to him, Jeon and his wife uttered some xenophobic words that surprised me. They tried to make me put some distance from that Korean. This took place a few days before Jeon tried to entice me into going to the kidnapping place in Antwerp.

There was also a couple from Germany. The man was German and his wife was ethnic Korean. Quite contrary to the case of a Korean of German origin, Jeon was very friendly with this German couple. He said that he knew them since his stay in Germany. Jeon also said that he had been at the US military base in Germany. They were welcoming the Germans while rejecting the Korean in question.

What was Jeon and his wife’s objective?

Interestingly, when the cycling event participants arrived to Brussels, Jeon proposed me to go and see the racers where they were staying for the night, thus putting me in contact with many unknown people.

It was not surprising to find journalists among those who were present in the criminal process of the “Burnt Offering” for President Kim Dae-Jung.]

I do not know how they get these young teenagers –including the very young female girl accompanied by the fatherly-looking person- whom they had put into clandestine operations.

[The motive of their participation is unknown – money, narcotics, coercion or cult?]

The role of psychotropic drugs –including narcotics- is very important for Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats, but their psychological handling and threats are even more significant.

Not only for achieving their objective –that I committed suicide- but also for carrying out their manipulation in order to reach their goal, they intensively used psychological artifices to block my departure to US after President Kim’s bio-terrorist action. Military officer Park Young-Sam was a subordinate to the military attaché Lee Seung-Sun, who also took part in the operation. Park Young-Sam stated that the reason why he had arrived to Belgium was to learn something about the military. It was the same reason the so-called military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong stated. But what they were saying was not true.

Officer Park Young-Sam –with his wife- tested me in order to find out if I was suspecting that he was a member of the diplomat and thug network that conducted bio-terrorism.

[Terrorist Diplomat Nho Gil-Sang --who was at the center of these criminal activities-- telephoned me and said, “Do not trust anyone in US.” He did it just before my departure to US –- after President Kim Dae-Jung’s bioterrorism. He was an agent who didn’t even like to use cellular phones.


He indicated this when agents under the cover of the FDA inspection participated in the attempt (1999).

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomat and terrorist networks used their fellow Chinese agents for their terrorist events. In their criminal activity, they again used a female agent. They put the English-speaking Chinese woman in front of their terrorist actions. They were dissociating from their fellow Chinese agents –-for cover-up reasons-- and using their Chinese agents to commit bio-terrorism on behalf of President Kim Dae-Jung’s diplomats.]

As usual, the female agent –disregarding age- is one of Ban Ki-Moon’s best resources for criminal activity, which he carries out in spite of his human rights’ declamation before the UN and the whole world.

I still vividly remember the two female teenagers who behaved just like photo models making seductive gestures in response to signals from Jeon and a businessman who later moved to London (UK). This happened in front of the church’s entrance door. It was at the same place that agent Sun had made their financial compensation proposal.

It is scandalous, but not unexpected, to find out that they are using prostitutes, teenagers and children for their crimes.

The Wonder Drug of Love

Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs repeatedly tried to stop me by providing financial benefits -and women-. This demonstrates that Ban Ki-Moon and his diplomats are astonishing people. –-Sometimes it reminds me the voice of agent Sturgeon when he proudly revealed that they were secretly filming scenes of illicit sex through a pinhole in an hotel’s wall–-a prepared trap-- and using those videos to put pressure upon their victim –-the person who was to be manipulated-- in order to achieve what they wanted. In the particular case that he described, the victim of that clandestine operation had been a woman – a university professor’s wife.

What is remarkable is that all this occurred at the university from which he graduated -according to his words-.

And he mentioned another case of manipulation with similar methods.

Once, one of the agents kindly confessed to me the existence of certain substances they called “the wonder drug of love,” which they were using in order to influence their subjects. The victim couldn’t suspect that they were using the drug, unless she or he was somehow prepared, knowing or doubting their intentions, or observing her or his own physiological reaction -which is often difficult to analyze under the influence of drugs-. They were using this drug to facilitate their vicious game and trap their victim by using the opposite sex. Victims could be of either sex. For many cases I observed that the agents approached in a very gradual way and developed a good, credible and friendly relationship –-someone recommended by the embassy staff or someone who had a good social standing as a credible person, such as a man of religion -- in order to deceive, attack, and put their target in danger –-. They were conducting criminal activities such as secret intoxication with narcotics.

They are also using these kinds of agents in order to intoxicate their victim with psychotropic drugs. They bring their babies or young children to the scene of the crime to facilitate their evil procedure-- to hide their motives (US, EU). [One of those agents is the professor’s wife who mentioned the smuggling out of Korean national secret information concerning Kim Il-Sung’s bioterrorism activities. She was an agent well connected to military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong. She and her husband did not hesitated to accompany his young child at the crime scene.]

[Some of these agents are cult activists, merely members of the diplomat-and-thug networks—who easily put their position at risk as they need to. I had to be contacted by two different specialized cult groups that were linked with diplomats and thugs.]

Amazingly, this young and highly intelligent man –-agent Sturgeon-- revealed his possibilities and intentions to get US permanent residency and citizenship (Oregon, US). This fascinating agent did mention that they were in contact with US politicians and a certain lady in the field of US geopolitics and US foreign policy. I have no idea of which were his intentions. Once he threatened me by saying that CIA knows everything –- he did this when he came back from US. And he acted according to what he said. According to his information, agent Oregon’s activities covered from Korean community in Hawaii to Washington DC -US’s foreign policy toward far-eastern Asia-.

He was positioned as someone linked to CIA networks (US).

He made some contradictory statements about his companions –- cult members. He himself indicated that what he was saying about the group demonstrated the essence of the cult’s activity being associated with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomat-and-thug network –- as a substructure to conduct his criminal deeds in stealth mode.

He enjoyed this kind of periphrastic expressions and threatening gestures with his muscles –- at that time, he did some exercises to build up his muscles. He showed me a simple exercise instrument which he had brought from Oregon, USA. This is the agent who first spoke about the “widow army.” He was proud of the structure that they were maintaining. He stated that he was well connected to top-level Korean politicians –-in both political parties (opposition -Grand National Party- and governing)-- including President Kim Dae-Jung’s governing party.

The Grand National Party officially was very critical of Kim’s sunshine policy and illegal secret transfer of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. The Grand National Party did not respond to the atrocious criminal activities of President Kim.

Agent Sturgeon worked with some members of that association guided by Joshua, and often spoke about other cults that were operating around me during my university days. Agent Sturgeon tried to draw out my agreement on the nature of that cult’s activities as “something extra good”.

Those groups’ interconnected structures –-well disguised as religious-- must be very useful to those who dream about secret criminal activities.

Widow Army

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. What is the exact role of your “widow army” –- a substructure of your diplomat-and-thug network?

Ban Ki-moon's Turkish agent, Ban Ki-Moon's Chinese [PRC, People's Republic of China] agents, Albanian Mafia - Albanian Organized Crime (AOC), Algerian in terrorist activity, Unclassified foreign agents - Belgian, Luxemburgian, Japanese Prostitutes

New York (UN) and Brussels (Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, Korean Permanent Mission to the European Union in Brussels)

From prostitution to diamond smuggling –-criminal activities-- and from psychotropic drugs to narcotics, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s colleagues showed what they can do for living.

After succeeding in secretly drugging me –their victim- with narcotics, they even recommended me to purchase some doses at a certain place in Brussels. Their cruelty and cunningness were extreme. They often repeated the name of one of the diplomats who for many years had been responsible for the crimes perpetuated in Belgium. His name is Ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha; he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Why did they tell me to get the narcotics by going to an Arab drug dealer? It is important to remember the reason why they often used Chinese people and Turks to cover up their criminal activities.

Agent Sturgeon’s surprising revelation raised to me a question about the composition of “widow army” and the supply of human resources.

I knew that they use women for various crimes but I did not know that they had some of them tagged as “widow army”.

It is crucial to keep in mind that they were using an American teenager as a prostitute for their operation. They showed me how they use a strange cult in order to manipulate innocent persons. Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats proved to me that they have a group of diamond smugglers and professionally trained killers as a component of the network’s substructure.

They clearly demonstrated that they love to buy the silence of their victim with financial compensation, death threats and illicit sex.


They were well prepared to commit crimes during my stay abroad. It was not difficult to find out certain elements indicating that they were actually facilitating my departure abroad after their first attempt at the student club --a strange cult--, in order to entice me into going to Japan. For certain criminal actions (US), they needed several years of preparation. The concerned agent is still in US.

[Why did they prefer to commit crimes abroad? Why didn’t they try again to eliminate me in Korea during my University years? Why did they help me to go abroad? Why did they let me go abroad?]

Once, they preferred to convince me to go to Japan. Later, they tried to lure me into China, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Eastern Africa [the Kenya and Tanzania area], and certain parts of US -such as Alaska-.

In very intelligent and subtle ways, they tried to ship me to China (the People’s Republic of China) and Japan, especially since my return.


According to agent Sturgeon, the purpose of the so called widow army is not so simple.

[It was not surprising to find out that some of the diplomats working for Ban Ki-Moon in Brussels and Atlanta were in China and Japan, such as Kim Il-Doo, Oh Young-Hwan, and Cho Jung-Pyo who became the head of Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo’s office. Just like the Danish agent -Patriot I- who collaborated in Ban Ki-Moon’s criminal activities and threatened me by talking about his influential relationship with the Albanian Mafia -–He said The Boss of Albanian Mafia located in Belgium called him as Master-- and promising to visit me in Atlanta as a continuation of his death threats -–Jeon made the same sort of sly threat-- it is very helpful to understand the ramifications of Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomat-and-terrorist networks.] ?***

Multiple Layers of Disguise: A Spy's Masquerade as a Victim of State Violence
-as CIA and as French secret service-

Minister of foreign affaires and trade Ban Ki-Moon and president Roh Moo-Hyun - Violence in front of the Korean ministry of foreign affaires and trade

In Seoul, after the assassination of president Park Chung-Hee, I observed a university student who pretended to be a victim of injustice and spoke loudly about the brutal nature of the military regime. In fact, he was an agitator and student spy when he approached me. He was not alone and was together with many others. He was one of those people who had operated near me in the direction of being pro-American since my early university years in Seoul.

He pretended to be extremely poor and to have no money to register at the University –- as a student who came from the unproductive mountainous area. He tried to approach me several times without the result they were planning. Later, his colleagues branded me a pro-Kim-Il-Sung communist and assaulted me.  [The reason why they suddenly changed their direction of operation need to be explained.]

In Belgium -–since my arrival to that country-- I had been confronted by strange people. One of them had to do it in an indirect way. I also learned about the nature of this multilayered agent through the activities of agent Sturgeon and other secret operators. He was always under some sort of disguise. Each of those multiple layers of camouflage had a specific role in his behavior. In general, agents keep their mask for a very long period.

[Agent Sturgeon was a special case. He posed as an (affiliate) of CIA and said that their base was transferred to US. I do not know how they could have their head base in US. And later --when I moved to US-- this brought tears to his eyes. Why was agent Sturgeon afraid of my departure to US? If he was an affiliate of CIA, he had no reason to be afraid of my departure to US. Indeed, he worried about his base at Oregon -through his words-. -Hawaii, Green Sturgeon fishing, Oregon, Eugene, Portland, Churches, Widow Army and US politicians-

My departure brought tears to the eyes of one of the agents, and they expressed anxiety in different ways and degrees.

I still remember the facial expression of a French agent -agent Mirage- who was working for the diplomatic-criminal network that UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon belongs to. That evening it was possible to see several henchmen together -due to the efforts of agent Sturgeon-. This French lady was also linked with agents Sturgeon and agent K. The former one specifically stated that they had been working for the secret French intelligence service for a long time -agent Sturgeon posed himself as one of persons working for CIA. She even referred to their link, someone who was the head of the French secret service and I’d never heard of until then. That impressed me, as they were expecting.


This French agent pretended to be rich -that was merely one of their favorite tools-, searching for a way in which to hide their illegal activity.

Several times did agent Sturgeon mention a great hostility between France and US. If the harsh relation he was trying to describe had been between USSR and US during the cold war, it would have been more acceptable.

They were posing as antagonistic CIA and French Secret Intelligence Service agents, according to Sturgeon, right in front of me. But they were performing a poor theatrical performance in a restaurant. They were actually showing a good -well structured- relationship between themselves. They were all in the same basket.

Ban Ki-Moon demonstrated that he has agents from many countries and continents -- from an American journalist to an Algerian henchman.

They could act as CIA or Secret French Intelligence Service (Ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha - Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa), as they needed to.

It is now important to describe the astonishing activities of agent K. Agent K was someone working with Surgeon. He was often trying to use prostitutes and young girls. When I first met him in Southern Belgium, he advanced his ultimate layer of disguise. He said that one of his relatives was CIA, holding a high position and being responsible over Korea. He added that his relative did not sleep at one place, but was continuously changing his sleeping place due to safety concerns. After all those sly activities, he did not move to US, but to Seoul. His best colleague was ironically agent Surgeon. He was the person able to disguise an attacker like an equivalent of a Belgian citizenship holder. He himself also belonged to a Belgian telecommunication company.

They tried to cover up their trace of bio-terrorist activity by employing Chinese, while they posed as French secret intelligence service and American CIA members in order to cover up their criminal activities. During their death threats, terrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang mentioned “collaboration with Interpol”, so as to reinforce the degree of their threats. Interpol was actually committed to stand in the fight against drugs and criminal organizations, terrorism, and trafficking human beings.

These were intriguing menaces that were revealing their real activities. ]

In the early stages, he was known as a person who was persecuted by the KCIA –-under President Park Chung-Hee, who was a military general-- and who later became psychologically unstable due to fear from violence of the KCIA (the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, currently the National Intelligence Service, or NIS).

They said that he could not go to Seoul because he was afraid of the KCIA’s violence, and I kept thinking of this while I was in Belgium.

Paradoxically, one of the agents by chance told me that he was normal, very intelligent, and had no problems. Later his intelligent characters was proved by agent Ferment’s malicious act.

[He was not simply intelligent. He was a bright mind who intended to harm me. Later, I found out that some people used to say that an intelligence agent was an intelligent person. It was a very interesting discovery. Agent Surgeon specially loved to use such expression.

The person who revealed to me agent Onion’s activities -as I described before- was working with the Rdna, a student spy operated in US. Through his words I learnt that agent Onion was behind him. And later I found out that Sturgeon and Onion were linked together].

It was through several agents that I came to learn more about this agent Onion.

He was merely an extremely well-disguised operator who was digging in the periphery of society in order to sow confusion and distrust about the real victims of political oppression and state terrorism, controlling and watching the movement of those citizens who were persecuted by the regime.

I uncovered his trail of activities through the behavior of other agents –- including agent Sturgeon.

Agent Onion’s last disguise was as a victim of local hooligans.

[It is very important to remember Jeon’s manipulated information concerning the amount of secretly-transferred large amounts of cash from President Kim Dae-Jung to Kim Jong-Il, who was developing the nuclear bomb. Why did he try to expose that artificial information, concerning the inflated amount of dollars that President Kim Dae-Jung had provided Kim Jong-Il –- Kim Jong-Il was known to have and upgrade long-range missiles and to sponsor the development of a nuclear bomb.

That day, Jeon pretended to be a person who did not agree with president Kim’s political ideas. But, just like bioterrorist diplomat Nho Gil-Sang, he was one of the agents attempting to abduct and murder me, trying to influence me to change and to adopt president Kim’s political ideas –all by means of their death threats-.]

Jeon --who was a chaplain-- mentioned that he had participated in the joint military exercises between Korea and US. Jeon was doing his best to persuade me to renew my ideas, insisting that the world leans too much to the right. And he favored President Kim’s political ideas. I refused it on the spot. Jeon himself said that he was also in the huge American military base in Germany, and that he often traveled around the world, including US. Remarkably, in public he would also pose as pro-American, pro-Western.

Marked as a Korean spy at the heart of EU institution

During his attempt to adjust my political ideas to those of president Kim, he mentioned about a lady who would be working for them. Jeon and his colleagues were intentionally talking about it in front of me. Why was Jeon allowing me to know that this lady was one of them?. In other words, Jeon was trying to brand her one of his fellow operators. She -Ms Helen (alias)- was not a Korean national but a -ethnically Mediterranean- citizen of a country belonging to the EU.

Why did UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's agent mark Ms Helen as one of his intelligence fellow workers against the EU institution?

Ban Ki-moon's Turkish agent, Ban Ki-Moon's Chinese [PRC, People's Republic of China] agents, Albanian Mafia - Albanian Organized Crime (AOC), Algerian in terrorist activity, Unclassified foreign agents - Belgian, Luxemburgian, Japanese Prostitutes

US foreign policy and security analyst as a leftist as a communist

As I mentioned before, agent Oregon who want to be US citizen and preparing US permanent residentship did similar activities in the US. It had been transmitted after agent Sturgeon’s visit to agent Oregon. Agent Sturgeon told that agent Oregon was active at Korean church. What he proudly said was a sort of grand theatrical performance to create agent Oregon’s role in Korean community at Hawaii. Also he said about agent Oregon’s activities at Washington DC area and told about US politicians and a female geopolitical analyst who is leftist. The geopolitical analyst was female personnel. The reason why agent Oregon wished to associate that the words communist and leftist to that American US foreign policy and security analyst is unknown.

According to agent Sturgeon, agent Oregon was politician in Korea and maintained heavy relationship with Korean politicians including with several presidents. Also he stated agent Oregon had extensive connection with US diplomats in Korea.

At first hand, he can discuss about the problem concerning the unreliable US foreign policy and security analyst with US politicians and his friends at the State Department and Pentagon. Why with a powerless citizen who became their target of destruction?

In the meticulous preparation of their fake KCIA (Korea Central Intelligence Agency) victim, the real one would be more confined in this world.

It is very helpful to remember the disguise of agent “Great Leader.” He -agent Kyu- behaved like a religious, sincere and very calm person who was having economic difficulties –- just like the military intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong and agent Pullman. Later, he pretended to become antisocial, rebellious, spitting out his discontent against Jeon and the church. He tried to let me know that he was helping the military attaché Lee Seung-Sun, who was gathering information related to NATO figures.

Suddenly, he changed his attitude and asked me not to come back to church.

Furthermore, the paradoxical point is that he added that he would be kept informed if I told anything to any "side."

What is the meaning of his so-called “side”? These were direct threats without any false appearance. They were fighting each other and making noise in order to create a new layer of their onion --cover-- under a prearranged context, such as regional conflicts or religion -- cult. [When I returned to Seoul, I observed a remarkable scene of theatrical performance. Two young men’s fighting in front of a building. They bleed, but it was a real theatrical performance. With all those, they calmly disappeared. It was a scene that was created to threatened me.]

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s networks are more complex than multilayered onions. Just as in the case of employing foreigners, this type of agent disguised as a state terror victim was meant to facilitate the discrediting of real victims, the cover-up of his crimes and those of his superior, thus maintaining the power that he and his collaborators have, under propaganda with beautiful words. [Ban Ki-Moon, Han Seung-Soo, Roh Moo-Hyun and Kim Dae-Jung as good and those Chinese, Turk, Arab (including Algerian agent) agents as they want to disguise.]

Those who criticized politician Kim Dae-Jung as a leftist or a communist were among those who were trying to murder me as a pro-Kim Jong-Il communist and pro-American extreme rightist under President Kim Dae-Jung. That explains what they really are, and which are President Kim Dae-Jung’s ways.

Through some of those agents I found out that this spy masking as a victim was behind the scenes and illusive.


[Some of them migrated to US or were planning to do so. Some of Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs who were looking for the opportunity to harm me, or murder me as pro American, were operating at the large US military bases in Western Europe.]

Agent Smelter was the agent who called me an antigovernment activist. Suddenly, I found myself defined as an antigovernment activist in Belgium, just according to their needs. During most of Park’s presidency I was merely a teenager - a middle and high school student. He said that he was critical to ex-President Park Chung-Hee.

Agent Smelter often told me about the overseas hiding of mysterious slush fund of president Park Chung-Hee and other president and its transfer. Why he infused me with those dangerous words? His object is not known. As much as minister Ban’s thugs often transmitted many words against Park’s daughter Park Geun-Hye, it was done with sly intentions. (It was not surprising to meet an agent who was talkative to president Kim Dae-Jung’s same type of illicitly massed slush fund.) What was the KCIA (currently NIS) agent’s intention?

Agent Smelter was one of agents who helped to develop agent Onion’s disguise that is a psychologically unstable state terror victim.

But this illusion he created was destroyed by other agent and his illusion gave me the way to understand more about their interesting behaviors. Later, agent Onion pretended to be the victim of Belgian hooligans -this disguise was constructed by agent Sturgeon-.

[Agent Smelter advanced a story saying that US industry exported military equipment for dictator Kim Il-Sung’s regime. While he was working with diplomats at the embassy in Brussels, he intended to provoke anti-Americanism, and branded me a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist-.]

I knew nothing about real politics except what I had learnt at school during the presidency of President Park Chung-Hee. Interestingly, he said that he was an antigovernment activist just like me. [Later, he revealed his relationship with diplomats, disguised operators and the KCIA’s (the current NIS, or National Intelligence Service) agents stationed at the embassy. I do not know why did he tell me all that about himself. Certain agents do reveal their identity sometimes, just like diplomat Nho Gil-Sang did. Bioterrorist Nho Gil-Sang disclosed his real personality and identity along with that of his subordinate Kim Jong-Gil.]

President Park Chung-Hee was murdered by Kim Jae-Gyu -– the head of the KCIA (Agency for National Security Planning, ANSP, NIS). This murder case took place many years ago, before my arrival to Belgium. There was no chance that I had committed any antigovernment actions against Park Jung-Hee. I was very young and knew nothing about politics.

After he finished labeling me as a pro Kim Il-Sung anti-American communist, he talked about his family worked at the Presidential Palace.

[Why did they make this all up?

When I demanded the liquidation of the gangster culture in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Minister Ban Ki-Moon, one of his criminals intentionally pronounced the name of President Park Chung-Hee, who had been killed by the head of the KCIA. And he mentioned President Park’s family in a skillful way. It also happened in front of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The purpose of Ban Ki-Moon’s operation is unknown. - It has to be tracked down. The name of President Park’s daughter -–Park Geun-Hye-- was also intentionally displayed with nonsense words, something which drew my attention. Why did they use those insulting words with her name? What was their objective? What kind of reaction on my part were they trying to find?

It is important to point out that they were continuously making up nonsense words, especially referred to the Korean Army and soldiers, the GI’s (the US troops stationed in Korea), or the People’s Republic of China, and they often carried out intentionally disgusting operations in Chinese restaurants, just like when they uttered a few Chinese words at the time of using the chemical irritant against me in a Seoul’s hotel.

They frequently used agents with facial features similar to the thugs operating in Europe.

Fuji TV

L: Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong-Il (DPRK)

R: Kim Jong-Il’s Yoduk concentration camp (Northern part of Korea -North Korea, DPRK-)

When I went to the National Assembly in order to meet some of its members –both sexes-, I found myself under pressure of manipulation at an assemblyman’s office. One of the disguised and concerned officers -the head of those assistants of concerned assemblyman- was telling me, “You have to say it like that”… He was trying to manipulate the essence of President Kim Dae-Jung’s criminal activities committed against me. And I tried to get his visiting card he refused give me and refused to reveal his name. Also he became angry when his female fellow worker gave me her visiting card. He expressed it through his words. I came out from the Assemblyman's office with astonishment. I really wonder about what will be the reaction of people such as Ms. Suzanne Scholte and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -if they discover the existence of this kind of people.

It happened at the office of an assemblyman belonging to the so-called “opposition party - Hannara (Grand National Party)”, who pretended to be very critical of president Kim’s Sunshine Policy and his secret transfer of large sums of dollars, and also censured Kim Jong-Il’s hard-line military policy of developing nuclear arms, his human rights practice, and his production of fake American dollars.

Many years later, I found several photos that revealed the presence of two persons -the concerned assemblyman and terrorist diplomat Park In-kook- at one meeting (Panmunjom). Its were very interesting photos.

It was a very disappointing day, but I had the chance to see and evaluate the situation I was facing, and the real nature of those people who appeared to be critical of President Kim’s Sunshine Policy.]

One of those pretenders, apparent member of the democratization movement and critical of the government’s outrageous acts, was simply a spy working for the diplomats and the KCIA agents at the embassy. I was in the middle of those stage actors --who were posing as victims of the KCIA and military dictator regime’s violence--, they were all around me –I was one of the real victims of oppression and state crimes-.


Soon, Koreans would go to US without a visa. It was a different period.

An interesting fact was that many operators, including those people related to “diamond smuggling” operation, mentioned the subject of getting a visa for US. -They specifically referred to the possibility of getting the US Visa at the American embassy in Brussels.- They were linked with Korean diplomats stationed in Brussels, and were well informed about US VISA issuing at that center.

Agent Smelter was no exception. His colleagues repeatedly said that the entry of a person into US is a very slow process and takes a long time.


They said about agent Smelter's situation that was a merely a disguised entry of certain person into the US. It was well covered work. The mysterious point is that the repeatedly said about this case for more than ten years after the event.


They also said that Smelter had something to do with this entry policy. [I do not know what their intentions were when they kept telling me about that]

Long after, Sturgeon proudly informed me about their “Widow Army”. He described it as he had learnt in Oregon. He also stated its “Bamboo” structure when he made comments about its insulated communication network -He was wishing to show me that he was at the very center of power and of the intelligence network-. And he frequently spoke about two presidents. That really impressed me.

Subtle Death Threat during My Hunger Strike

I cannot forget Ban Ki-moon’s subtle menace made through a diplomat during my hunger strike in Atlanta, US. Consul General Cho Jung-Pyo was the head consul in the area, currently working for Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo, who was the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade at that time. During the threats, I managed to detect Ban’s network collaborator — an Atlanta journalist with American citizenship. Han Seung-Soo’s thugs and diplomats tried to murder me when I was temporally in Brussels in the summer of 2001. Agent Sun (London, UK), as well as agent Wise, were in Brussels together with Nho Gil-Sang and Jeon, the terrorist and leader of the thugs in Brussels.

Consul General Cho Jung-Pyo, Atlanta, GA (Han Seung-Soo, Minister of Foreign Affaires and Trade)

The reason why I selected Atlanta for my temporary stay was that there I would be less exposed to an encounter with KCIA and diplomats, and I had to study more about the issues of xenotransplantat associated zoonoses -potential new infectious diseases-; Atlanta’s CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) had some of the best scientists in this domain. The possibility of man-made virus was one of my concerns. The worldwide registration and regulation concerning the safety of experimentations was also my concerns.

The Perfect Crime: Suicide

Prostitution of Democracy

There were more than death threats. When Caleb was trying to terrorize me, he had his baby in his arms.

Their Incitements to suicide had been repeating since the failure of President Kim’s kidnapping attempts. They were encouraging me —in a subtle manner— to kill myself, and it was with that purpose that they -–Caleb and Jeon’s best friend—kept putting me into a dangerous and hopeless situation.

[They were seeking the perfect crime. When I demanded an end to criminal terrorist activities in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, one of Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s thugs scorned me by saying, “Why didn’t you end up dead? Why are you coming back [alive]?”]

I had no intention of fulfilling their biggest desires – provoking my own death.

They even had the skillfulness and cruelty to persuade to avoid -by saying undesirable and harmful effects- the use of preventive medicines that would have prevented the development of the disease, by giving me false information and advice, and by using substances that negatively influenced my brain functions while I was on foreign soil. I was young.

Narcotics were just some of the substances used against me at Brussels (EU).

It was in Brussels that they deliberately told me they would be fine even if the regime changed. What they were actually saying was correct--indeed, they proved it--.

[Just before the end of presidency of president Roh Moo-Hyun, one of the agents who was participated a crime reappeared and delivered a message that there will be no change for me even if the regime change. It was continuation of same words they already delivered at Brussels after the criminal act of intoxicating their victim with narcotics.]

When I met those people, they were posing as conservatives, later on pretended to be leftists, and I was continuously surprised by their changes made in such a subtle manner. Soon I learnt that this was one of the prevalent symptoms of that kind of people linked to those powerful networks, or influenced by them. It was their way of life.

They are all living well and working in US, EU and other parts of the world. They may go to Papua New Guinea, New York –-the UN-- and do whatever they like...

What are they doing nowadays, all those who operated near me in US? Becoming US citizens or permanent residence holders, maybe engaging in new profitable activities in other countries -–merely criminal activities--, or maybe going back home -– to Korea.

Caleb often repeated a very interesting expression: “Arrive and absorb nutrients and become rich.” What he indicated was that his business was merely criminal activities of a thug that included bio-terrorism, death threats, cover-up activities, and so on -some of them also mentioned diamond smuggling-.

When Caleb arrived in Brussels, he approached me with the help of agent Sturgeon and tried to make me a prey for his business. Agent Don Q, one of his colleagues, told me that he had received a large sum of money for his role in bio-terrorist activity. He proudly told me that money was useful for his family. Agent Don Q said that he originally had planned to go to Japan, he was fluent in Japanese. Then he added that there was someone who finally made him go to Belgium. He was his professor who also stayed at Brussels.

He said that he was already member of the same network that agent Caleb belonged to, and that he knew everything about Caleb’s activities. But he did not tell me which was the nature of Caleb’s job and how did he know about it. What he proudly told me was that Caleb was very active on the university campus --Yonsei-- in Seoul. They were also moving themselves in other university campuses in Brussels.

They have to get rich by doing these things as they wished.

Suicide of terrorist victims has meant a perfect cover up for criminal activities performed through decades. They might murder or destroy me with psychotropic drugs, or police men, or intelligence agents disguised as thugs. Even though, vice minister Ban Ki-Moon and president Kim Dae-Jung’s evil behavior that includes bioterrorism and criminal cover up procedures cannot be erased.

In front of the ministry of foreign affaires and trade. The agent loved to use his fired cigarette to threatened me and policemen around him enjoyed his act.

Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s thug scorned me by saying, “Why didn’t you end up dead? Why are you coming back [alive]?” His words and behavior summarized well what they were intending to do, what they were actually doing, and what they really wanted to do.

By using lies and deception they tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic drugs (at the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade and Police patrol division)

Menaces from Minister Ban Ki-Moon who worked for president Kim Dae-Jung.

Minister Ban Ki-Moon was not satisfied with his criminal activities at the ministry of foreign affaires and trade, so he also engaged himself in other evil actions near my living area -under president Roh Moo-Hyun at this time-.

At the entrance of a department store. --irritating gas attack and a secret thug-- (This sort of wrongdoings were often performed at a certain bookstore with the help of some agent (women, most of the time).

I was even attacked with irritating gas at an Hotel near my living area. Using psychotropic drugs was also one of their favorite menaces. Such attacks often occurred on the street –other times in a department store, car or hospital-, always with sly threats. My neighborhood is not safe at all –but I nevertheless continue to demand the liquidation of traditional organized crime-. These type of threats and attacks are routine.

Reprisal: Arson, Violence, and the Use of Psychotropic Substances

President Roh Moo-Hyun Special lecture at Yonsei University on the subject “Let us cut off the politics-economics and politics-press adhesion.” On 27th, the President said, “We have to get rid of the exclusive and privileged 'gangster culture' that remains in our political power.” “In that kind of gangster culture they have strict laws established for themselves. They don’t respect any law belonging to the outside world. Internally, they have powerful rules, strict relations of loyalty and compensation. It is an exclusive privileged group. People in general suffer because there are unfair transactions among them. This is the reason why I am trying to cut off the connection between political and economic powers.” (May 27, 2004)

When I made my silent protest -my simple presence- to demand the liquidation of criminal activities, at the end of it I walked with one of the agents through a passage that allowed me to see the main buildings of the presidential palace. It was there that the agent told me I would be at a disadvantage if I continued challenging the authority. It was well structured -coded- threats of arson attacks. (May 23, 2005 - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s Blue House.)


When I was beaten in front of the Presidential palace by an agent working for President Roh Moo-Hyun --an ex-human right lawyer--, at the police station they even tried to drug me with psychotropic drugs disguised as soft drinks. [During the violence of agent, he destroyed my camera. A young police man deleted several photos of crime scene in front of me when I was confined at the police station. They were not afraid of committing crimes in organized mode in front of me. Participants were numerous. One of the agents intentionally said the word about “Presidential Civil Affairs Secretary”. It was an intentional delivery of message from the presidential palace and a great theatrical performance based on politicians’ gangster culture they publicly denied.]

After suffering these criminal acts of the presidential palace, I went to a certain human rights service in search of legal help. When I arrived at the international human rights organization near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, I could figure out a group of strange young men who recognized me and moved away. It was and is not possible to avoid their presence. There was no body who would like to talk with me. Suddenly, she appeared after a man’s sign. It was astonishing.

I was given advice to meet that human rights lawyer at an organization belonged to Catholic church -- the lady who voluntarily offered me the advice was a Korean, but told me that they could not help me --.

I met someone who said was a human rights lawyer -the group of people was based at a catholic church-.

During my waiting time at the small building next to the Cathedral, I had to endure their threats -well coded arson threats-, all their scorn and intimidation -from disguised agents-.

The human rights lawyer also had made a threat: in a very shrewd manner, this person warned me of reprisals in case the surviving video file was made public.

When I came out, again I had to face another person who delivered exactly the same message that I had received before from the so called human rights lawyer and disguised agents.

What kind of human rights lawyer is he…

The female who helped me at the international human rights organization guided me exactly to a person who delivered their menaces of reprisal -arson and violence-.

Their enticement was successful due to the intelligence of the woman working at the international human rights organization.

Interestingly, Roh Moo-Hyun was a human rights lawyer, who publicly was against corruption and dictatorship -state sponsored violence-, opposed to gangster cultures -political mafia culture-.

This vividly brought into my memory the people who participated in the criminal activities in Antwerp -- from fake journalists to TV program director.

Normally, journalists have to report these kinds of organized crime, rather than becoming members of the political terrorist group in question. Such a journalist was also seen in Atlanta –- there were many of them in that newspaper company. He -US citizen- was linked to Consul General Cho Jung-Pyo’s diplomat-and thug-network. He was under Foreign Minister Han Seung-Soo, who later became prime minister.

So, the journalist was not actually a journalist. The lawyer was not a lawyer, and diplomats were not diplomats.

A human rights lawyer should have been a real human rights lawyer.

Young Blond Girls

There were so many young blond girls employed in their criminal activities in Seoul (Korea).

Even I began to write about this subject. They do not hesitate to use women in order to pull me into their ugly traps. Today (Sept. 16, 2008), Korean female agents are working on the streets. And the same happens with foreign female agents. Since my return, I have seen many of these untraceable ladies coming from foreign countries. Some were Europeans, other were Southeastern Asians. Of course, there were some very rare cases of women from other regions. Under President Roh Moo-Hyun, who was a human rights lawyer, using Western women was extensively observed.

This kind of operation is not surprising. As I described before, they often use ladies and girls of various countries as their most cost-effective tools to commit crimes, even in foreign countries.

Sometimes, Western girls were blond and relatively skinny –- in certain cases, all the girls were wearing the same colors (the ones that call the most attention). It was not hard to find some of the monitors who control these girls. The girls’ masters looked like older persons. A master could be an old man or an old woman. Sometimes, I could see an old man and an old woman at the same time. As usual, they were followed by young men –- at a distance, or at times very noticeably.

In one case, the girl’s master expressed his astonishment because I was not moved –-I was not excited-- by his blond girls. He was a well built old man. It is impossible to know whether they were recruited in their home countries or in Korea. The number of girls that I observed was large.

Dear Mr. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Who protects and permits this?

This is very curious, because many powerful people, like Ban Ki-Moon, loudly talk about human rights, criticize prostitution and human trafficking, as well as terrorist actions.

I do not know how many ladies –-including teenagers-- work in this gloomy crime business organized by these powerful politicians, diplomats and self-proclaimed patriots. They again tried to use the female agents who had been used when they were young and unmarried. It happened in Brussels, Belgium and Seoul, Korea. One was married to a foreigner and living on foreign soil -Europe-. I observed and learnt that they cannot get away from the ring run by these people, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and president Kim Dae-Jung.

Indeed, how many girls -–including teenagers-- are put into this kind of clandestine operations in order to destroy or manipulate their victims or targets?

When I saw this use of ladies, including young girls, I was reminded of the one that had been offered to me in church, as well as the young American girl. How could I forget their criminal acts -–narcotics, germ terrorism, death threats, kidnapping and murder attempts?.

This is just part of the exemplary gloomy cross-section of the highly organized criminal world of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his colleagues.

Forecast of Financial Crisis

I contacted a student -–agent Paris-- to discuss the imminent financial crisis in Korea (1997). It was not the first time. And it was about 9 months before the crisis.

He disagreed about the possibility of a financial crisis. He said that Korea was one of the big economic powers. I explained to him some of the problems that come out in bigger economies with more developed financial systems. But it was in vain. I did my best in order to make it clear for him. Later, after the financial crisis had come under the presidency of Kim Dae-Jung, he appeared again, trying to carry out his operation in Brussels with a poor cover -- some French language courses.

His re-appearance on the stage -–and that of agent Milan who had worked with intelligence officer Bae Yang-Hong, the military attaché, the agent based on the NATO military base, and agent White (South Africa)-- was a turning point for President Kim Dae-Jung’s criminal activities –- such as bio-terrorism, death threats, kidnapping and murder attempts.

When he returned to Paris, he had to take buses due to certain security trouble in France -that's what he said-. I gave him a book that explained the importance of the city. He suddenly showed his tears.

- I gave a book to NIS agent Jung Kang-Hyun about the mafia. He -just like a mafia- was one of those working to kidnap and murder me for President Kim Dae-Jung.-

What they had to stop was not within their reach.

If they had studied harder about such subjects without desire for state sponsored dark financial gains, it would have been much better.

American Diplomat's wife

An important line that I have to add here refers to an American diplomat’s wife. The American diplomat was assigned to the US Embassy in Brussels (Belgium).

2000, Brussels

At the event, a MBA student indicated a woman who was an American diplomat’s wife. -Let us remark the close presence of agent Kim Jong-Gil (Agricultural Cooperatives), other KCIA (NIS) secret agents and diplomats.- They knew a lot about her past and about her husband’s job at the US embassy. How did this newly-arrived student know it all about this couple? I had never heard of this woman before, and I never did afterwards. The terrorist was disguised as an MBA student and had already worked for those who tried to murder me. [He was the terrorist who had threatened me in front of his wife when I refused their financial compensation proposal and the offer of a lady in church.]


The diplomat’s wife was not far away from me. I soon decided to maintain some distance with her and avoid any possible malicious attempt by diplomats and thugs. But they were watching me from the shadows -–including diplomats under the control of Vice Minister Ban Ki-Moon-- . All this was happening immediately after their failed multiple attempts of abduction at the heart of Europe.

What were they intending to achieve?

They were agents trying to use US military officer's wife at NATO military base, and an American teenager as prostitute in US. Their intelligent capabilities shown to me were unimaginable.

Jeon and Kim Jong-Gil enticed me into going to that place. Agent Kim Jong-Gil told me that he would be with the Chinese agent -MBA student- in US.

“Arrive, absorb nutrients and become rich.”

They had to be rich or powerful, using prostitutes as one of their efficient tools. How? The agent who acquired one of the European passports and participated secret narcotics using criminal operation told me that he knew how to make money.

Caleb often repeated a very interesting expression: “Arrive, absorb nutrients and become rich.” Just like the profitable criminal activities of the Danish agent who pretended to be a patriot, Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs were more interested in the solid and easy money gained from profitable business -– through political crimes and manipulation.

The one who secretly intoxicated me with narcotics took pride in his investment in Brussels -I do not know how wealthy he is- and his knowledge about “making money”.

After committing their felonies, most of the diplomats under Ban Ki-moon —who is the current UN Secretary General— in this criminal business have prospered, very successfully, as we can all see.

Cho Jung-Pyo, Han Seung-Soo, Nho Gil-Sang, Park In-Kook, Oh Young-Hwan, and Ban Ki-Moon himself…

As they told me a long time ago, the regime change does not pose any problem to them.


They -–the terrorist diplomats like Nho Gil-Sang, and creatures like Jeon and agent White (Belgium, South Africa, and Korea), who kept smiling while they secretly employed the narcotics and infectious agents against me -- are what they are.

They are well-protected and compensated, highly organized state sponsored criminals-.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats and thugs deployed their multinational agents -– an American journalist (someone who holds US citizenship and lives in Atlanta, Georgia), an Algerian henchman (Antwerp), Chinese men and women (Brussels, Tervuren), a Turk, French-speaking, Hebrew-speaking and Russian-speaking agents, a Dane, and many other agents and ladies. He could not hide his big hands under the Sunshine Policy -and hidden burnt offering policy-. The diplomats -–including Vice Minister-class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa and Military Attaché Lee-Seung-Sun-– and their operators did not belong to CIA or European Secret Service, as some of them pretended. They were the hands of Ban Ki-Moon and Han Seung-Soo who were working for President Kim Dae-Jung under the Sunshine Policy.

Ladies, girls and even man are farmed out as prostitutes to be later used in order to commit crimes, also to cover-up crimes --as an instrument of compensation.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, I am asking you: Does this serve to protect their welfare and human rights?

How much -–the cost-- was the girl -–as a human trap--, a kind of well-wrapped commodity delivered to me during the evening? She was a merely one of instruments they had in their hands.

[Again, they tried to use the girl, even when she was married on foreign soil. They did this by using a middle-aged woman in church. The girl could not escape from the hands of the network --she was depend on the network economically.-- . Sometimes, I felt that I had to save some female agents. But that was not possible. They were well-trained and determined to destroy me. Delusion is one of their tricks, where they can be dangerous. They are not just women, but well-trained agents -state sponsored criminals-.

It is extremely dangerous to consider them merely as innocent and victims of state sponsored crimes. They are active participants.]

How are these people -–such as the English-speaking Chinese lady who committed germ terrorism-- so effectively controlled by Ban Ki-Moon’s power?

Since the secret agents -–those people who tried to use an American teenager as a prostitute in an overseas language study program (Berkeley campus)-- revealed their identity in US , they did not stop using girls and ladies as tools for their crimes. And this keeps going on.

The so-called “Widow Army” is a mysterious group of people operating for subtle objectives –- I had never heard of it before, and I did not hear of it afterwards, from anyone.

Agent Sturgeon was frequently speaking about the founder of the cult that was used by an operator to manipulate me and entice me into going to Japan. But agent Sturgeon was working for a different cult, along with agent Caleb. Interestingly, agent Sturgeon posed as atheist in front of me.

When I tried to understand the risks and benefits of xenotransplantation, they offered me the chance to understand what the terrorists/diplomats were actually doing by using young girls, young men, ladies, narcotics, germs, money, and cults. Instead of risk assessment of xenotransplantation, I had to make a risk assessment of Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomat-and-thug networks. It was extremely dangerous, extensive -worldwide- and powerful -state power itself-

[Many persons had to know which were my goals. Their interest was not purely scientific. When agent Gent (Ph.D.) came back from Seoul, he tried to infect my pc with a sort of hacking program. I discovered it by chance, with a program available on internet. It was very natural reaction. He was very close to terrorist diplomat Nho, the one who tried to abduct me (Korea FDA, 1999).

Another day, I was woken up with a sound of alarm. I had fallen into a sleep during my writing. I traced the address. It had found an IP address of a university laboratory.-

Once, I found out that my pc had been connected through internet by some one. It was not possible to end the windows program. I saw a window that seemed very similar to Norton Commander, but actually it was different. I had been invaded. Therefore, I had no other choice but to turn off the pc.

There was even the approach of a person with malicious intention through internet at Brussels. As soon as I localized the IP address where it was coming from, the person disconnected from Internet. It was not possible to check the identity of that person. The person pretended to be a girl in difficulties.]


One of the criminals wanted his victim's kidney.

One of the surgeons I met at Brussels said about the kidney transplantation, it's survival rate and illicit organ procuring. I had to keep silent. Because it was somewhat very serious problem to me.

Remarkably, the subject of “organ transplantation” had been in my mind for a long time. The delicate problem of procuring or harvesting an organ, and subsequently transplanting it, soon came to my mind, because these people who were really trying to harm and murder me advanced the problem in front of me.

One of the criminals was hoping to get one of my kidneys. It all started while I was a student at the University -Patriot II.

When I encounter the problematic subject -at that time-, I could not let it go. I had to work on it.

[I was to find many medical doctors and nurses among those thugs working in criminal activities. It is vital to keep in mind the significance of diplomat Nho’s existence -a public servant at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs-, and that of medical school professor Suh -Peachtree Flower- working with Nho-. Professor Suh, from the same University with biomedical researcher and bioterrorist Suh, was first introduced to me by agent Surgeon, who told me that Suh’s research area that was very useful to me. Agent Surgeon suggested about the possibilities working with Prof. Suh.  But I avoided contact. Agent Surgeon was a medical doctor who had tried to harm me by using prostitutes in Luxemburg, and was linked to diplomats who conducted criminal activities -narcotic intoxication, ambassador Yoo Chong-Ha-. When I began to recover from narcotics intoxication, I met agent Surgeon. He scorned me in a subtle way but I could understand his words. He was the first doctor made me understand that doctors can not be doctors in the networks.

I was interested in another subject which is oxygen diffusion at the level of muscle cells -left ventricular myocardium-. It was the research subject I tried to work with agent Ferment (DEng, bioengineering). How they knew what I am doing in research was not a question.

Many years later, I found Suh among those thugs-diplomats complex in church. Even he performed a poor theatrical -but menacing- performance in front of me.]

I already knew about their strange activities, including sect-related agents. This was a very sly scam. So, for a long time, I had to think about organ donation and harvesting. I could not ignore the subject, or organ replacement technologies, such as using animal organs in transplantation. The development of organ replacement techniques could eliminate, or at least reduce, certain felonies.

[The agents knew about my xenotransplantation technology study --this is academic research including some of Clinton's ideas and policies related to the subject--. This study covered regulations, social implications, and effects concerning organ-replacement technology all over the world. The fact that I included Clinton’s ideas and policies attracted an aggressive response from agent Sturgeon. -Agent Kim Jong-Gil and agent Jeon were very interested in my study on xenotransplantation. I told them about its importance for the development of bio-industry. Kim Jong-Gil was also there.-

Why had they suddenly become interested in my research subject? Sturgeon already knew about it. Agents Jeon and Kim Jong-Gil unexpectedly inquired what kind of help I needed in order to continue with my research -such as special transgenic animal bleeding facilities-. -Later I found out that my text about xeno-transplantation was stored at the same office used by one of Joshua’s agents. Caleb said Joshua's agent had a working permit. Also Caleb had access to that office -Trade Association (Av. Louise, Brussels)-. One of Joshua’s agents was Don Q who lured me into a Chinese place with bioterrorist intentions. Don Q revealed that those Chinese were well linked to agent Suh -biomedical scientist, specialized in chemical cancerogenesis--. Joshua was connected to agents such as Jeon, Sam (NATO military base) and diplomat Jung Kang-Hyun.- Don Q finally revealed that he had received a large sum of money and insulted me.

Don Q said that he had been sent to Belgium with the advice of his music teacher, who had already been there (Brussels, Belgium). And agent Sturgeon said something similar.

I received a fax with the law concerning Japanese organ transplantation. It was very prompt and well-prepared. When Sturgeon knew about this, he began his ridiculous comedy.

Such a ridiculous and fatal comedy was also performed by Jeon’s best friend, before the bioterrorist act. The subject of that queer representation was Chinese and Black Dragon River province -Heilongjiang-. It was intended to influence my understanding about their behaviors. It was intended to cover up the bio-terrorist crime of responsible diplomats, such as Vice Minister-class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, who was a subordinate of the current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Several days later after the crime, I went to see those Chinese who committed horrible crime -bio-terror- for Korean diplomats and terrorists. It was not possible to find the English speaking lady, but I could see a tall man -with my ages- who recognized me and surprised. And the old man tried to behave according to Jeon's colleague’s silly words -it is not necessary to explain what was the nature of those words from well disguised NIS agent-. He displayed as person lean to Peking’s line.

The necessity of such subtle management of cover up process demanded the participation of Algerian, Turks, Arab drug dealer and Chinese. -It is good to remember Albanian Mafia that Danish agent loved to mentioned.

The queer representation about Chinese was done at the garden of African Museum -several months before bio-terror act-. Agent Sturgeon also tried to assess the possibility of enticement.

So they can receive Nobel peace prize and get the promotions and received waited financial compensations and became UN secretary general.

Agent Sturgeon tried to brand me an anti-American, anti-Japanese leftist, while at the same time he was labeling me as a pro-Japanese extreme rightist. It is important to note that the consul who sent agent Ham after me, had also tried to use this kind of tactics with his wife, at his apartment. He and his wife enjoyed their subtle insults and menaces.

For them, this kind of tactics were not ridiculous, because one of the agents was marking me as a communist by saying that my pocket textbook about Chinese language was a book concerning communism.

Popeye’s attitudes -as an ex-military intelligence officer- was obnoxious. Afterwards, he moved to London (UK) with another high-level agent, and joined the network of one of Jeon’s colleagues.

The book in question was not about politics or philosophy, but about Chinese language written in French.]

I remember a teenager who was beaten with extreme violence. The boy did not know the real reason for the agent’s violence. Well, several years later, -instead of maintaining a cover- the violent criminal revealed his identity without any noticeable reason.

One of his agents gave a good description of the existence of the “Widow Army” in the state of Oregon, where a sizable number of ethnic Koreans live. So, how can I estimate the degree of influence of the “Widow Army” in an area such as Los Angeles and New York?

Is it -–the “Widow Army”-- only located and operated in US? Or is it a global structure?

For which purpose did those secret agents employed by Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomat-and-thug networks try to destroy fellow citizens –-when they should really protect them-- by using prostitution, linked to human trafficking and sexual slavery that is at the center of public attention in today’s world?

Agent Sturgeon said once that they are above the church. And I found a massive number of agents committing crimes who were gathering in church.

Dear UN Secretary General and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ban Ki-Moon! Was the lady offered to me inside the church also a member of the so-called “Widow Army”?

Is it purely for illicit sex or for concealing criminal activities?

Are there women’s rights for your prostitutes and “Widow Army”?

What is the purpose of the existence of those ladies in the midst of criminal diplomatic networks? (Why do Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats run the structure that provides such special ladies?)

Why do Ban Ki-Moon’s agents have trained women –-a so-called “Widow Army”--? When and how did they arrive to US?

Why do UN Secretary General Ban’s networks maintain a so-called “Widow Army” in church and in other Korean communities? Is that for the protection of overseas citizens?

Why does Ban Ki-Moon need highly-organized groups of women, even using the term “Widow Army”? (Once, one of the agents used the expression “black widow” and “black virgin”, and then smiled -it was a female agent-. All her words were measured but not quite understandable. Sturgeon gave some explanation about “Widow Army” and its role, but the agent did not explain those words)

Do they participate voluntarily? Or do they participate under pressure –-coercion, manipulation through cults-- ? Do they do it for financial gain, or just getting a job?

I had to confront many people belonging to Ban’s huge networks -- from those who approached me as journalists, including a journalist who holds US citizenship and worked in Atlanta, Georgia, to a TV program director, or a man of religion, or engineers, doctors, a nurse, musicians, including a violinist, or public servants, bank clerks, policemen and policewomen, or diplomats who had deadly intentions and missions. UN Secretary General Ban’s operators were using many unimaginable covers.

Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the UN! Do not simply dress yourself up with words of human rights for personal glory! Before addressing the subject of public health you have to talk about your criminal activities, including bioterrorism actions in which foreign agents participate.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Before becoming a candidate for UN Secretary General, you should have cleared up your -and your boss’s- mass of worldwide crimes, including your burnt offering efforts for president Kim Dae-Jung, who secretly supplied a large amount of cash to Kim Jong-Il, who has been threatening peace until today – all that while you go on talking about world peace, human rights, and concerns about Kim Jong-Il's long range missiles and nuclear bombs--.

Vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon! You cannot hide yourself behind the ultimate responsibility of president Kim Dae-Jung.

I am writing this with the aim to prevent, as much as possible, all detrimental criminal activities.

You are enjoying your position in an open society, but your closed society is threatening the open society.

This is what I have learnt since my departure from Seoul .

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PS: April 17, 2009. One of thugs used insulting expression against ex-president Roh Moo-Hyun. They committed heinous crimes for president Kim and Roh. It is important to remember that those who describes Kim Dae-Jung as communists were in fact working for President Kim to kidnap and murder me. As they proclaimed, they are untouchable until today.

May 07, 2009. This file was vandalized -after writing “replace US with PRC” part-.

In April 2001, Han Seung-Soo was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. He was elected the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2001. Ban Ki-Moon was selected to be the chief of staff to general assembly president Han Seung-Soo. President Kim Dae-Jung defends himself by saying that those directors of the KCIA are good persons, that they catch communists; meanwhile he has given expensive gifts and cash at the time of the summit with Kim Jong-Il —who embraces communist ideas. He has branded a citizen as an anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist and he tried to secretly kidnap and murder a citizen whom he had the duty to protect. This practice of evil politics of terror has become natural —a rightful and profitable action— for Minister Han Seung-Soo, Ban Ki-Moon and Ambassador Yang Sung-Chul. Ban Ki-moon in call for respect for human rights.  2007-12-11 10:03:58 By Rose Mwalongo. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to ensure that the International Conventional on Human Rights is part and parcel of everyone`s daily lives. Ban Ki-moon in call for respect for human rights.  2007-12-11 10:03:58 By Rose Mwalongo. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to ensure that the International Conventional on Human Rights is part and parcel of everyone`s daily lives.


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